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smartfeed123Kids and screen time – it’s an ongoing parenting struggle. Many children consume hours of unsupervised media daily, much of which is violent, sexually charged and disappointing on so many levels.

A very cool, inventive new tool called SmartFeed is about to hit the market that creates a symbiotic, even positive, relationship with the digital media that surrounds our kids and shapes their minds. Imagine crafting your children’s media content beyond just age and gender to also prioritize values, interests, school curriculum, family dynamics and more – and then augmenting that plan as your children grow.SmartFeed does just that and more. It provides parents a better way to control what their kids watch, play and share.  SmartFeed filters out the bad media content and instead drives the inspiring, positive and engaging content. Parents can configure media settings for each child in the household by interests, education, device type, etc.

Those are just some of the perks – there are many more:

– SmartFeed rounds up content matching your criteria to deliver a family packet of recommended media.
– Media choices will be current, constantly reviewed and augmented with personal references from qualified SmartFeed curators.

– Enables you to connect with other like-minded parents to discover recommended content and media management best practices.
– It’s Pandora (curated recommendations) meets Netflix (ease of delivery) with Facebook (like minded community) for Parents.
SmartFeed is currently on Kickstarter to raise capital for the finishing technology touches on Version 1.0, which will be delivered in Fall 2015: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thesmartfeed/smartfeed-serving-up-better-media-for-kids
Linsly Donnelly’s interview on Late Night Parents

You can also pre-purchase a subscription. There are 2 days remaining in the campaign and it’s more than 75% funded.

Author: Ted Hicks

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