Appy Holiday 2015 – Top 5 Apps for Guys

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It’s that time again…to rate the best apps of the year! We all know some guys need as much help as possible so check out below to see which apps made the cut.

1. Wolfpack App – Our top pick of the year! As seen on Nightline, KTLA, Vice Mag, and DigitalSpy, to name a few.

A friendship app for guys (strictly platonic!). Founded by mega-rich real estate developerNile Niami, the app is for every guy. Whether he’s getting a divorce, moving to a new city and doesn’t know anyone, or simply looking for something new to do on a Friday night. Currently available on iOS and launching on all Android devices January 6, 2016.  Can you say bro-tastic? Download the app

2. Men’s Hairstyles

The app allows you to upload a picture of yourself and try out a new hairstyle without making a commitment. You can even send it to your friends to see what they think. Finally, you will have no more regrets after going to the barber. Download the app

3. Best Workout for Men

Are you looking to bulk up and get fit? The Best Workout for Men app has exercise and strength training videos that show you how to properly train each part of your body.Download the app

4. Cool Guy

With the Cool Guy app, you can turn your wardrobe into a virtual closet, purchase online for new clothes and keep track of what you wear with the fashion calendar. Keeping up with fashion trends has never been easier. Download the app

5. The Gentleman’s Gentleman

The Gentleman’s Gentleman app offers advice on how to be a classic gentleman. You can get the best tips on proper suit attire, learn how to make a proper drink and find out how to get the perfect shave. Download the app

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