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    Solving the Healthy Lunch Dilemma w/ @emeals

    Saturday, August 30, 2014

    Don’t be tricked by labels that promise health benefits, or fun, colorful packaging that your son or daughter will love. Fruit roll-ups seem like the childhood dream food, but they have three types of sugar listed in the first five ingredients and some brands also have trans fats and artificial colors, which may lead to […]

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    Teen Steroid Use Alarming Findings – Awareness Efforts

    Thursday, August 28, 2014

    p5rn7vb A recent research study conducted by University of Minnesota researchers found that teens are using steroids and muscle-enhancing substances at higher rates than previously thought.  The study found that 5.9 percent of boys in the survey reported using steroids, while the rate among girls was 4.6 percent. The findings were surprising, especially since some of the […]

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    Grilling Safety Tips

    Tuesday, July 22, 2014

    Warm weather and a holiday weekend means the smell of outdoor grills are filling your neighborhood. Follow these tips to make sure your recipe for a safe cookout is as unbeatable as your marinade recipe. Prepare Your Grill And Choose A Safe Location Clean your grill regularly. Grease buildup can cause a fire, and your […]

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NEA: Educators and parents are the most important adults in a child’s life

Educators and parents are the most important adults in a child’s life. That’s why NEA members throughout the nation are working closely with parents to ensure our students succeed. Common Core State Standards have been a controversial and confusing topic for parents. The National Education Association has released comprehensive resources for parents to help educators […]


Car Safety Tips

p5rn7vb Car Safety Tips •       The safest placement for kids is the center of the backseat. Children younger than 13 who ride in the front seat can risk serious injury – not only from other cars, but from the very airbags that are designed to protect passengers. •       Be […]

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Giveaway – Best Hamburger Ever! Waring Pro Grinder

 Waring Pro MG1200 Professional Grinder and Giveaway   There are few things in this world as good as a well made hamburger.  There are many different ways to make burgers.  Some folks like them loaded with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles.  Some folks like them with sautéed onions and mushrooms.  Some people like them with cheese […]


Ask.fm – A Viral App That Offers Users Anonymity Poses Potential Dangers for Kids

Parents need to ask their children if they’re usingAsk.fm on their smartphones or online. If they are, they need to keep a close eye on what their kids are saying in cyberspace and, even more importantly, what others are saying to and about them. In very little time, the social networking app and its online website […]


Why You Don’t Need to be Smartest Person in the Room

You Don’t Have to Be the Smartest Person in the Room By Teresa Taylor With leadership comes knowledge.  But as my responsibilities grew, it was impossible to learn everything – there was always some element of the job that I didn’t understand. And as much I wanted to know everything about my job, industry and […]


Hub Network’s First Annual Halloween Bash w/KENAN THOMPSON

The Hub Network, a destination for kids and their families, will host the first “Hub Network’s First Annual Halloween Bash,” to be broadcast on Saturday, October 26, 2013 on the cable channel.  The special will be hosted by Kenan Thompson (“Saturday Night Live”), along with Halloween expert Martha Stewart who will lead a panel of celebrity judges, […]