The 111th World Series By The Numbers w/ @WalletHub

The 111th World Series By The Numbers w/ @WalletHub


The Mets and Royals are ready to square off, and WalletHub is right there with them. The personal finance website crunched the numbers in honor of the 111th World Series, amassing a collection of interesting facts and figures related to the event – from ticket sales and TV ratings to salaries and the spoils of victory. We even explore Bernie Madoff’s impact on the Mets’ finances.

You can check it all out in our 2015 World Series By The Numbers report, a few highlights of which can be found below:

  • $257M: Total ad revenue generated by the 7-game World Series in 2014
  • 57 Years: Cumulative length of the Mets and Royals respective World Series title draughts
  • $500M: Amount Mets ownership had invested with Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff
  • $50M: Estimated economic impact on Kansas City from the 2014 World Series


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Avoid the Crowds and Enjoy the Suite Life at an Affordable Cost with @SuiteHop

Avoid the Crowds and Enjoy the Suite Life at an Affordable Cost with @SuiteHop

SuiteHop launched today, providing an easy way for fans to enjoy a luxury suite experience at sports and entertainment venues across the United States. SuiteHop’s streamlined platform allows users to directly book entire suites or individual seats in suites with real-time availability and pricing. With hundreds of venues hosting thousands of events across the nation, SuiteHop makes it possible to obtain highly selective luxury suites.

“SuiteHop has tackled an issue that no one has before—providing fans with an accessible and affordable way to experience suites that are normally sold on a single or multi-year basis,” said SuiteHop CEO Todd Lindenbaum. “We’ve built phenomenal relationships with teams, venues and suite owners that are willing to make their suites available to a broader universe of businesses and individuals through our online marketplace.”

SuiteHop has suite options from across the country for events that range from top sporting events including MLB, NFL, NHL to concerts from leading musicians such as Paul McCartney, Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake.

SuiteHop was created by Sport Shares, a private club that grants members access to all-inclusive suites, first class member services and in-suite dedicated concierges. Sport Shares’ over ten years of experience working with suites and venues provided insight of the high demand for the ability to purchase suite tickets to a single event. SuiteHop fills this niche by allowing fans to book full private suites, and in some cases, individual seats in suites across North America. Instead of using a booking agent or middle man, SuiteHop allows fans to see listings with live pricing to provide a simple way to search and purchase suite tickets.


SuiteHop’s features include:

  • Seamless Booking: SuiteHop’s streamlined platform allows users to directly purchase tickets around a venue’s real-time availability and pricing.
  • Wide Array of Venues: SuiteHop allows each user to find availability to events at hundreds of venues across North America.
  • Verified Sellers: In order to confidently stand behind theirguarantee on every order, SuiteHop requires that every seller is verified before listing.
  • Customer Service: Customers can call their service line to purchase tickets or get detailed information on any suite before purchasing.


SuiteHop provides an easy way for fans to enjoy a luxury suite experience at sport and entertainment venues across the United States. SuiteHop’s streamlined platform allows users to directly book entire suites or individual seats in suites that would have otherwise gone unused. With hundreds of venues across the nation, SuiteHop makes it possible to obtain luxury suites that have remained difficult to access. The site has a rapidly growing list of venues and provides a large range of suites for events that can be booked with live availability and pricing from verified sellers. For more information, please visit

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THE LNP SHOW S1E4 #Amsterdam

THE LNP SHOW S1E4 #Amsterdam

Join Ted Hicks (Dad, Husband & Son) as he moderates the #LNPShow that discusses the latest trends and game changers in parenting, technology, education, sports & product reviews.

Jeannie Levedahl, Founder, Hip Baby Wrap @hipbabywrap – enhance parent-baby bonding time and child development w/style . 810PM 

Dan Meader, CEO & Founder, Allowance Mgr @allowancemgr — the online / mobile tool that teaches children how to manage their money. 830PM

Lee Vowell, MLB Blogger, Happy Hour Network @NikkiX_Lee — MLB Playoff Predictions – MLB MVP Awards . 845PM

Tune in LIVE every WEDNESDAY at 8PM ET/ 5PM PT. To call in and be a part of the experience or listen via your mobile phone – Dial 347-857-1947.  Stream us 24/7 at to listen!



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Why @LongIsland needs @TheNYCosmos for economic growth w/o the @MLS backing.

Why @LongIsland needs @TheNYCosmos for economic growth w/o the @MLS backing.

CosmosIn the 1990s, I attended the Million Man March – which was held in Washington, D.C. During one of the many speeches –a featured speaker posed a question:  Please name something that’s always being built-in America? My immediate response was new home construction / indoor-outdoor strip malls and / or pharmaceutical plants or factories.  I stood there proudly waiting for the response – the answer was correctional facilities and stadiums.

While living in the greatest city and mecca of the entire world – you never need to wonder about its sports hungry fan-base. (IE: Knicks, Nets, Liberty, Rangers, Islanders, Devils, Red Bulls, Yankees, Mets, Giants and Jets)  Lately, it seems that a stadium is being constructed every other year in the tri-state area.  Long Islanders (Nassau & Suffolk County) were resigned to the loss of their beloved NY Islanders (in 2015) to the “hip” Barclays Center. (Brooklyn, NY) The story is well-known to all native New Yorker’s – the 42 yr old Nassau Coliseum required an upgrade / retrofit and/or new building roughly about 15 years ago, but it was mired in local politics.  Nassau and Suffolk County residents were caught between losing their only professional sports franchise and / or being left to cover the cost through additional taxes.  This isn’t just a Long Island problem, but it sparks a debate across the country whenever a major city is chosen or is in the “prime” geographical market to host a major league sports franchise.  You should take the time to look at the NFL and it’s love affair with a Los Angeles football stadium and the NBA’s affinity for the untapped Pacific Northwest market.  It’s a shame to watch cities such as Sacramento and Seattle cut down each other for the rights to host a professional basketball franchise and sports arena.

The New York Cosmos of the North American Soccer League (Yes, the same Pele’ Cosmos from the 1970s) have submitted a privately funded economic development proposal to the State of New York for a state-of-the-art 25,500-seat soccer-specific stadium in the Belmont Park area of Elmont, N.Y., on the border with Queens. The stadium is likely to cost around $400 million and would stand as the center of a proposed entertainment complex that would also include a park and smaller soccer field.  The Cosmos have included a $2.5 million pledge to develop other community soccer fields in the proposal.

“We plan to develop an iconic project for the region and build a state-of-the-art stadium that will make Nassau County and the entire region proud,” said Seamus O’Brien, chairman and CEO of the Cosmos. “Belmont is an ideal location and a win-win for everyone involved. Nassau County and Elmont will realize much-needed economic growth, and local residents will have a year-round premier destination they can call their own.”

READ: Details of NY Cosmos stadium proposal

It should be noted that the Cosmos storied franchise is planning this re-entry with a second tier start-up soccer league.  The NASL is not affiliated with Major League Soccer and Commissioner Don Garber.  The MLS is financially solvent (with its own alternate Flushing stadium plan) and flush with cash from its NBC SPORTS marketing and television rights deal.  The Cosmos would have their inaugural season in 2015.  The economic growth would include construction jobs and over 3,000 full-time jobs.  This includes transportation infrastructure, restaurants, hotel and rejuvenate an Elmont, (Belmont) NY community.

There’s definitely a story to tell and we’ll provide quarterly updates on its impending outcome.

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JHam’s big bat is broken, History and the Triple Crown!

JHam’s big bat is broken, History and the Triple Crown!

The Texas Rangers handed Jared Weaver (5-1) his first loss of the season.  Josh Hamilton chased Weaver in the 4th inning with a 2 run double.  The score at the time was 8-2.   Hamilton was using a pink bat for Mother’s Day but decided to pull out the bat he had used all week in the 7th inning.  This is the bat that he used to hit a historic 4 home runs against Baltimore this past Tuesday night becoming just the 16th player in the history of Major League baseball to do so.  He broke it on a single in last night’s game.  Hamilton said “She went out a hero,” and the bat was tagged for the Hall of Fame.   Hamilton currently leads the majors with a .402 average, 18 home runs and 44 RBI.   In the last seven days Hamilton has accumulated 14 hits,  9 homers and 18 RBI.   In baseball and the sporting world Josh Hamilton is an easy figure to root for.  He has been compared to Roy Hobbs, the fictional character in “The Natural”.   Although it is just 35 games into the 2012 season, these stats bring us to another discussion.  The Triple Crown.

The Triple Crown in baseball consists of player being the leader in these three categories:  Home Runs, Runs Batted In (RBI) and Batting Average.  The last player to win the Triple Crown was 45 years ago in 1967.  The player was Carl Yastrzemski.   There are only 13 Triple Crown winners and two players did it twice, Rogers Hornsby and Ted Williams.   Many cite the reason we haven’t seen a Triple Crown winner in the past 45 years is the specialization of batters that bat for power or average.  But, every once in a while a player catches fire like Hamilton is doing right now and the possibility is there.    Yes, it is still very early in the season but Hamilton is a very dynamic player.   One huge question for Hamilton is can he stay healthy?  He has only played in 156 in 2008 and as few as 89 in 2009.  When he won the MVP in 2010 he missed after cracking a rib running into a wall in September.   Time will tell, but it looks right now like it could be a historic run for Josh Hamilton and the Texas Rangers fans.  It’s also a contract year for JHam but that is for another discussion.

Here is a list of potential Triple Crown winners that came close but failed since Carl Yastrzemski.

1972: Dick Allen led the AL in HR and RBI, finished third in BA
1972: Billy Williams won the NL BA title, finished third in HR, second in RBI
1992: Gary Sheffield won the NL BA title, finished third in HR, fifth in RBI
1995: Dante Bichette led the NL in HR and RBI, finished third in BA
1997: Larry Walker led the NL in HR, finished second in BA, third in RBI
2009: Albert Pujols led the NL in HR, finished third in BA and RBI
2010: Miguel Cabrera led the AL in RBI, finished third in BA, second in HR

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