Avoid the Crowds and Enjoy the Suite Life at an Affordable Cost with @SuiteHop

Avoid the Crowds and Enjoy the Suite Life at an Affordable Cost with @SuiteHop

SuiteHop launched today, providing an easy way for fans to enjoy a luxury suite experience at sports and entertainment venues across the United States. SuiteHop’s streamlined platform allows users to directly book entire suites or individual seats in suites with real-time availability and pricing. With hundreds of venues hosting thousands of events across the nation, SuiteHop makes it possible to obtain highly selective luxury suites.

“SuiteHop has tackled an issue that no one has before—providing fans with an accessible and affordable way to experience suites that are normally sold on a single or multi-year basis,” said SuiteHop CEO Todd Lindenbaum. “We’ve built phenomenal relationships with teams, venues and suite owners that are willing to make their suites available to a broader universe of businesses and individuals through our online marketplace.”

SuiteHop has suite options from across the country for events that range from top sporting events including MLB, NFL, NHL to concerts from leading musicians such as Paul McCartney, Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake.

SuiteHop was created by Sport Shares, a private club that grants members access to all-inclusive suites, first class member services and in-suite dedicated concierges. Sport Shares’ over ten years of experience working with suites and venues provided insight of the high demand for the ability to purchase suite tickets to a single event. SuiteHop fills this niche by allowing fans to book full private suites, and in some cases, individual seats in suites across North America. Instead of using a booking agent or middle man, SuiteHop allows fans to see listings with live pricing to provide a simple way to search and purchase suite tickets.


SuiteHop’s features include:

  • Seamless Booking: SuiteHop’s streamlined platform allows users to directly purchase tickets around a venue’s real-time availability and pricing.
  • Wide Array of Venues: SuiteHop allows each user to find availability to events at hundreds of venues across North America.
  • Verified Sellers: In order to confidently stand behind theirguarantee on every order, SuiteHop requires that every seller is verified before listing.
  • Customer Service: Customers can call their service line to purchase tickets or get detailed information on any suite before purchasing.


SuiteHop provides an easy way for fans to enjoy a luxury suite experience at sport and entertainment venues across the United States. SuiteHop’s streamlined platform allows users to directly book entire suites or individual seats in suites that would have otherwise gone unused. With hundreds of venues across the nation, SuiteHop makes it possible to obtain luxury suites that have remained difficult to access. The site has a rapidly growing list of venues and provides a large range of suites for events that can be booked with live availability and pricing from verified sellers. For more information, please visit www.SuiteHop.com.

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Barclays Center – An arena grows in Brooklyn

Barclays Center – An arena grows in Brooklyn

The Barclays Center is one of the most anticipated arena slated to open on September 28th 2012.  It’s a sports entertainment showplace that is located in the heart of downtown Brooklyn.  This venue is putting Madison Square Garden on notice and don’t think Jim Dolan isn’t aware of it’s immediate competition.  Did you know Brooklyn hasn’t held a major venue since the Brooklyn Dodgers left  in 1957?  In October 2012 – the re-branded Brooklyn Nets will call the Barclays Center it’s home.  It will be the first National Basketball Association venue opened since 2008.

The project is being developed by developer Bruce Ratner (Nets Minority Owner), who acquired the Nets in 2004, with the purpose of moving them from New Jersey.  This site is located near the Atlantic Avenue – Pacific Street subway station (which will have 9 subway lines) and the Long Island Rail Road”s Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn.  It’s one of the most transit-accessible locations in the country.  The Barclays Center will have 104 suites and be a state-of-the-art arena built for basketball and sight lines.

The Barclays Center will celebrate it’s opening with the following events:

  •  Rapper / Nets minority owner Jay-Z plans to open the Barclays Center by performing in a series of concerts. Sept 2012
  • Oscar De La Hoya‘s Golden Boy Promotions will bring boxing to the Barclays Center on October 20. Brooklyn native Paulie Malignaggi is expected to be on the card.
  • The first college basketball game played in the new arena – Maryland Terrapins and Kentucky Wildcats. Nov 2012
  • After nearly a decade of performing annual concerts in Madison Square Garden, Italian tenorAndrea Bocelli will make his Brooklyn debut at the venue, December 5, 2012, making it his only New York City performance in 2012.
  • Barclays Center will be the new New York City home of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, Disney on Ice and Champions on Ice.  The Barclays Center’s first Disney on Ice show is expected to be “100 Years of Magic”.
  • The Atlantic 10 Conference has announced that the Barclays Center will host the conference’s mens basketball tournament beginning in 2013.

It’s  been suggested that the New York Islanders could play games at the Barclays Center after their lease is up at at the Nassau Coliseum in 2015.  Since the arena is primarily configured for basketball – the seating could be re-arranged for hockey, but would only be able to seat 14,500 in it’s current hockey configuration  – which would make it the lowest seating capacity in the National Hockey League.

There are currently 2.5 MIL people living in Brooklyn and an additional 2MIL people living in Queens.  So, the notion of their not being enough people to span between MSG and the Barclays isn’t an issue.  The Barclays Center is it’s own brand and primary venue with it’s combination of ease of mass-transportation / residential and office buildings.  Historically, downtown Brooklyn was always an entertainment district.

The only notion that hasn’t been addressed are the plight of New Jersey / Brooklyn Nets.  Will the venue and majority owner Mikhail Prokorov be able to draw big-market talent to play at the arena.  Those questions can only be answered by General Manager Billy King, Head Coach Avery Johnson, All-Star Point Guard, Derron Williams and their coveted Free Agent Center – Dwight Howard.  There are alot of questions marks swirling around the NJ/BKYLN Nets.  You can definitely look for Jay-Z to take the lead on re-branding the team logos / uniforms / etc.

It’s all about Brooklyn with the Barclays Center.

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NBC Sports Network gets prepared to battle ESPN.

NBC Sports Network gets prepared to battle ESPN.

Earlier this year, Comcast’s acquisition of NBC Universal created a regional sports network and digital platform.  NBC began to lay the foundation to rival the “powerhouse” ESPN and challenge its dominance in the sports media world.  The various mergers of its existing sports networks began to happen swiftly, along with executing professional sports agreements.

The Golf Channel and Versus were merged into a new division known as the NBC Sports Group. NBC Sports’ golf production unit was merged with Golf Channel, along with NBC’s on-air staff, and that unit is now known under the branding of Golf Channel on NBC.

  • NBC Sports’ extended its contract with the NHL; the 10-year deal valued at close to $2 billion dollars covers rights for both NBC and Versus, which introduced prime-time games, and national coverage for every game in the Stanley Cup playoffs.
  • Major League Soccer signed a three-year deal with NBC to broadcast MLS matches on both the main NBC network and the NBC Sports Network, which begins with the 2012 season.

On JAN 2nd, 2012 – Versus and the existing Comcast regional network would be re-launched as NBC Sports Network.  The re-launch will coincide with multiple major events to be aired on NBC, where the newly re-launched network will be aggressively promoted. NBC Sports personnel will be shared between the two channels, and the network’s telecasts will be produced in a higher quality to those that are aired by NBC Sports.  A new NBC Sports logo will be created too.

An enhanced NBC Sports Network will position NBC to go after big-ticket sports.  The overall success of sports networks is dependent on live sports, which bring in high ratings.  Mark Lazarus (Chairman of NBC Sports Group) plans to engage the NFL on a cable package of eight live games for next season and picking up an MLB package after the 2013 season.  Its first step was a partnership with NFL Films on a Thursday night series called “NFL Turning Point” which is hosted by Dan Patrick.  The hour long show is used to market its top-rated, flagship “Football Night in America” program.  The footage focuses on plays deemed the “turning points” of the previous game.

NBC Sports Group will be moving its headquarters to Stamford, CT (ESPN is located in Bristol, CT) after more than 60-plus years in New York City.  The Comcast faction will be relocating from Philadelphia, PA.  The Peacock Network’s planned campus will house office space for a variety of units, including: NBC Sports; NBC Olympics; NBC Sports Digital, NBC Sports Network and the Comcast Sports Management Group, which oversees the NBC Sports Group’s 14 regional networks.  Its top-rated NFL pre-game show “Football Night in America” will  remain at 30 Rockefeller Center . The move to its new 32-acre headquarters (Clairol Site) will generate 450 jobs.  NBC secured a low interest $20M loan from Gov. Dannel Malloy (D) Connecticut that will go away in five years if the jobs remain.  Gov. Malloy offered an identical deal to ESPN for an additional 200 jobs.

I’m looking forward to this fresh perspective and alternative option for viewing live sports and digital media.

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The JETS are back!

The JETS are back!

Just like everyone else – you probably thought I was talking about Gang Green (J-E-T-S!) and Coach Rex Ryan.  NOT!!!  This Sunday, after an absence of 15 years – the Winnipeg Jets will return to life.  Circa 1996 – the Jets packed their bags and moved to Phoenix (to become the Coyotes) and said their final goodbyes to their beloved fans.  During its final game, many former Jets returned to throw a funeral for itself.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the entire stadium.  During this absence away from professional hockey, its metropolitan area matured into a minor league sports-town, but never took its eye off the prize. Fast forward to 2011 – the Atlanta Thrashers relocate to Winnipeg to create a second incarnation of the Jets.  For so many true Jets fans – dreams do come true.

Now, there are definitely challenges that face Winnipeg – which is the smallest market and arena in the NHL.  The MTS Centre’s stadium capacity only holds 15,004 available seats.  When season tickets went on sale – it took a matter of seventeen minutes to sellout season tickets (AVG price $90) for three plus years.  The Jets’ renaissance officially began with its ecstatic hockey fans.

There will be competitive challenges, but budding stars lead by Evander Kane, Brett MacLean and Dustin Byfuglien will definitely enjoy a hero’s welcome this season and beyond.  The passion is there and city of Winnipeg wants a winner.

The Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and NHL Gary Bettman are scheduled to be in attendance to watch the Jets play their first regular season game against the Montreal Canadiens at the MTS Centre.

Instead of dwelling in the past – Winnipeg can look forward now – a new team and future – the J-E-T-S have returned!

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New York Islanders CEO – Options?

New York Islanders CEO – Options?

You’re the owner of a franchise that continues to lose money – the stadium is decrepit and needed a face-lift ten years ago – and an attempt public funding – failed miserably. Sounds like a great time to read Texas Hold’Em for DUMMIES. Truthfully, if you want to preserve the “New York “ brand – then it’s time to call Mikhail Prokhorov to partner up at the Barclays or the BEST idea is to negotiate a deal w/the Wilpon’s and develop a strategy near CitiField.

Regardless, now isn’t the time to stand still and not make any moves. Garth Snow (Isles GM) is doing his part with developing talent, but long term planning needs to be handled by Charles Wang. Would you really want the team’s NY presence on the shoulders of Country Executive or the taxpayers!

Kansas City / 2015?!??!?

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