Tips for Plant-Based Eating While Traveling

When in Rome…eat (spinach) pasta. While you’re on vacation, the point is to forgo your worries and break out of your everyday routine. But can you still be adventurous and stick to plant-based eating? Definitely. Here’s how: 1. Book a room with a... Read More

It’s Time To Check Your Credit

Roughly 36 million American adults – a sum that exceeds the combined population of the 20 largest U.S. cities – do not check their credit reports as often as they believe they should because they are afraid to see the exact contents, a new... Read More

How to Load a Dishwasher

If your dishes come out of the dishwasher dirty, you might be tempted to rinse them before loading. But that’s old school and completely unnecessary with modern dishwashers. If your dishes are dirty, the problem could be that you’re... Read More

The State Of Malware

Malwarebytes reports that ransomware detections increased 90% between 2016 and 2017 but that development of ransomware families have grown stale. While ransomware continues to be a threat, trends indicate that state sponsored ‘bad actors’ have... Read More

#WhyAmIYelling @latenightparent

Join Ted Hicks & Rich Valdez as they moderate the #LNPShow that discusses today’s current events, social topics & raising kids in this current time. Featured Guest: Krista Rizzo is a Certified Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Host, Wife... Read More

#PhishPoint attacks on Office 365

Over the past two weeks, we detected (and blocked) a new phishing attack that affected Office 365 customers. We estimate this percentage applies to Office 365 globally. PhishPoint marks an evolution in phishing attacks, where hackers go beyond just... Read More

10 Tips for Managing Kids’ Tech Time

The average child age 8 and under in the United States uses more than three personal tech devices—such as a tablet, smartphone, or video game console—at home, according to a new poll of parents conducted by the American Speech-Language-Hearing... Read More

How to Get Your Child To Do Homework Without a Fight

By Carol Tuttle, author of The Child Whisperer When it comes to your child’s homework, do you beg, plead, or bribe? Do you threaten consequences? You can make homework easier for both you and your children with some simple tips that honor their... Read More

36M Americans Are Afraid To Check Their Credit Reports

According to a new poll, the specter of Great Recession hardship still looms large for many Americans nearly a decade after the downturn ended, even though most negative records from that era have already fallen off people’s credit reports. Lots of... Read More

DeMystifying the Cord Cutting Myth

In case you were wondering how the The Great Cord Cutting Myth gets started and why so many people are convinced the TV industry is a breath away from doom: This morning, an article, entitled “Cord Cutting Accelerates Faster Than Expected, As Cable... Read More

What Never to Put in the Dishwasher

Here are some items you shouldn’t wash in your dishwasher. Disposable aluminum tops this list. Disposable aluminum rusts, leaving black residue on the item you’re washing and possibly the surrounding items. Instead, hand wash... Read More

Production Begins on Disney’s Live-Action MULAN!

Production on Disney’s “Mulan,” a live-action adaptation of the studio’s 1998 animated feature, has begun. The film will shoot on locations in New Zealand and China and will open in U.S. theaters on March 27, 2020. Liu Yifei (“The Forbidden... Read More

Facebook Page Admins to undergo authorization process

Facebook’s really worried that Pages with mass followings will possibly fall into the hands of a nefarious super villain. Last week, the social network outlined plans to enforce tighter security for those who admin Facebook Pages with a “large... Read More

#UrbanHellraisers @latenightparent

Join Ted Hicks & Rich Valdez as they moderate the #LNPShow that discusses today’s current events, social topics & raising kids in this current time. ​Desus & Mero Charlottesville: 1 year later ​ Social Media vs Alex Jones / Info... Read More

Here’s What I Learned Golfing with an ‘Old Guy’

I played my first round of golf with my father-in-law under a sweltering June, Father’s Day sun. Although I had known him for years prior to that day, and we had shared many a heartfelt, “man-to-man” kind of moment, we had never... Read More

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