Episode #6: Two Scoops of Breast Milk Please!?

Episode #6 got off to an interesting start as Adam and Josh talked about how breast milk is the new Ben and Jerry’s. Before they dove in to that topic though they announced to major recalls:

Bob Stroller Recall
Ikea Crib Mattress Support Recall

Josh kicked off the News (following the recall announcement) referencing a post he published today on his blog. The topic was that of a UK based ice cream parlor, The Icecreamists, who thought it’d be a great idea to take donated breastmilk and churn it into ice cream. This “free-range and organic” (as they call it) milk is used to create ice cream delicacies for those with a taste for other women’s breast milk. Best of all they can have it for the low cost of just $22.50 a serving! Both Josh and Adam agreed these were pretty twisted people to be buying this but to each their own!

Josh brought up the question of why! Why? Because! No, actually his daughter, Olivia, who’s just shy of 3 years old started asking the dreaded “Why Questions”. It started off at the grocery store where after inquiring why the shopping cart was returned yeilded nearly 7 layers deep of questioning. Josh admitted his training in Philosophy in the college days couldn’t even prepare him for that line of profound thought. Adam wasn’t quite there yet with Mark but knows he’ll be there soon. To that end Adam recommended we create a new hashtag to record all the Why Questions kids ask. If you’re on Twitter use the hashtag #WhyLNP with your tweets about what funny/crazy/silly things your kids are asking “Why” about. We may just talk about your “why” questions on our next show!

Josh had a review on the Hooray My Name Objects app for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Josh recommended this $1.99 app for kids ranging in age from 1 to 3. Combining the ability to custom set your child’s name in the app with the graphics, sounds, and educational benefits this app was one to download. Late Night Parents was presented with an opportunity to give 3 lucky winners the app for FREE!

Here’s how to get your shot of winning one of these 3 promo codes:

Just like Agent OSO there’s just 3 simple steps to enter!

Step 1: Follow @LateNightParent on Twitter (if you are already doing so, that’s fine just leave a comment)
Step 2: Follow @HoorayMyName on Twitter (leave a comment)
Step 3: Tweet the following message: (leave a comment)

“I want to win this highly recommended app for kids, “Hooray My Name”, which plays on iPhone/iPad! For your chance to win just go to http://dad.tc/gK0qCk Please RT!!

Adam reviewed the iPhone/iPad app Super Why! This PBS Kids app is a super fun app that uses word games to help kids identify with words and objects in a story. The app uses popular stories and characters like Cinderella to help guide kids to answering the questions correctly. The app seams to be better suited to for older toddlers (older than Hooray My Name) in the 3 to 6 age range. The app is $2.99 in the app store and has high ratings!

Two lucky winners from our chat room won a never before released copy of The Backyardigans DVD We Arrrr Pirates [Amazon]. If you’re joining us for the Live Show on Monday nights (11PM EST/8PM PST) make sure you enter the chat room (which is completely free) for your chance to win prizes.

Our biggest prize announcement of the evening was that of the Britax Parkway SGL [Amazon]. A follow up post on this site will be available to announce the details of that prize giveaway.

If you missed Monday nights show you can see it here!

Watch the replay here http://vimeo.com/latenightparents/s01e06



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