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Episode 13 started off with a surprise when Adam’s son Marc popped in to say hello and give a shout out! It was one of those special moments where you get caught between saying, “What the hell is your two year old doing up at 11:30 at night!!?” and “Awww, what a cutie!” Fortunately, the cuteness factor won over and Adam didn’t get scolded too much for his “relaxed” parenting. 😉 Josh didn’t escape the night without his kids joining the show either. Well, they weren’t on camera (although, maybe one day) but when bed time came around they were not happy. Apparently, their screams were heard all the way in Georgia!

The show carried on and the guys covered some latest recalls, which you can see for yourself, at Tonights topic focused on a very unfortunate thing you hear about in the news too much. Parents are leaving their children in cars for extended periods of time to the point of death.

With Mother’s Day around the corner Josh and Adam shared what they thought were the gifts to get. They also revealed a big giveaway for next weeks episode so be sure to stay tuned for that one!

Finally, the boys couldn’t let the show get totally away without a giveaway to our awesome chat room which was two copies of Putumayo Kids Kids World Party [Amazon] which comes out June 28th.