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What a fun show we had to kick off the Father’s Day celebration!

Of course, we couldn’t kick off our celebration without first talking about some great gift ideas for Father’s Day!

Before we got on with our big round of giveaways we covered an interesting topic about flu and other shots. As parents it’s an important decision to make and there doesn’t seem to be a right or wrong answer necessarily. There was a study recently conducted that pointed to 2011 being an unusually tough year for measles. Apparently there are more cases going around right now than in many years past. Does this impact your decision on whether to have your children administered with the Measles shots?

We love being able to give away great prizes on our show and tonight was no exception. Our friends at Slim Jim helped us out by giving two lucky viewers a whole box of their new flaming hot Slim Jim’s! These hot sticks came in Jalapena, Habanero, and Chile Pepper! Who doesn’t love some hot Slim Jim’s?

Gregory Wright wrote a great book about raising his daughters and this book was just the ticket for this Father’s Day. We gave two lucky winners each a copy of Daddy Dates! If you didn’t win, be sure to check out the book yourself!

Nini Toy Bungees are great for anyone that has a toddler in a high chair. You know all those times you’re bending over to pick up that sippy cup they through on the ground? We gave away two of these Bungees so we could at least help save the backs of two more parents out there.

Finally, we had a very generous offering from our friends at Omaha Steaks. We gave away two picnic packs LIVE on the show. You can’t start off summer without some Omaha Steak burgers and dogs so that was extra special!

Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there!