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Lots of parents are overjoyed at the thought of having a baby. So much planning goes into what happens after the baby is born. We’re busy picking out colors for the Nursery, furniture, clothing, and all of those much needed baby accessories. It’s so much fun to pick through all our options and boy are there a lot!

But how much time do we spend planning for the actual birth itself? Many parents are led to believe that there is only one option for having baby. That is, Mom is contracting, goes to hospital, gets meds to help the process, and out comes baby. This is all fine and well and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. However, there are many other choices and methods in which parents (okay, primarily Moms) can experience child birth. It’s not so important which choice you make but rather that you know there are choices out there.

Adam and Josh explore some of the various birthing plans and share their own individual stories. The guys talk about the importance and role Dads play in the Birthing Plan.

Late Night Parents announced the last of the MacLaren Stroller giveaways and talked about upcoming updates on our site.

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