As a new dad I’m finding that kids do indeed grow really, really fast. Our little big man has been growing and learning new tricks at a furious clip, at this point it seems there’s something new everyday. In addition to learning how to crawl, some of the things our little big man has learned include ‘crawl everywhere you’re not supposed to crawl’, ‘put everything in your mouth’ and ‘try to escape while on the changing table’. I feel like walking is just around the corner and quite frankly I’m a bit nervous. I have a feeling that the day he beings walking will also be the day he begins running! Thinking about how fast he’s grown and how any day now we’ll be chasing him around the apartment reminds me of one of our ‘before baby’ proclamations.

Pampers® Limited Edition Prints Diapers for Boys and Girls

Pampers® Limited Edition Prints Diapers for Boys and Girls

As parenthood drew closer for us our senses for all things baby became sharp; sort of like when you buy a new car and suddenly you see that car everywhere! One of the things we noticed was that every once in a while, seemingly at random, we’d see a streaking baby. We had a difficult time understanding how a parent could let their child streak across a living room, sidewalk, or aisle of your local super market. I mean was it laundry day? And if so, it seemed that during the summertime a lot of people were doing laundry on the same day. My wife and I made a deal before our child was born that our child would be clothed at all times.

I realize this can sound a bit judgmental but what can I say, we’re opinionated at times, everybody has their ‘things’ this was just one of ours. The thing about having those opinions is that at the time we had the luxury of looking from the outside in.  Things are a little different now, little big man is here and he’s growing, he’s getting strong, he’s getting bold and he’s getting fast!

So like I said before, our little big man is doing all sorts of new things, he’s becoming quite independent. One of my favorite (and by favorite I mean terrifying) tricks he pulls now is a back-to-belly-squirm-and-propel off the changing table move. To put it simply, he no longer feels compelled to allow us to change his diaper in peace. What does this mean for us? Well, it means that now we’re changing the little big man on the floor. I think you know where we’re going with this.

It’s inevitable… we’re going to have a streaking baby. This little guy is strong, fast and curious. We’re lucky to get his diaper on before he’s shooting off in the direction of the nearest seemingly innocuous but totally dangerous to babies whosiewhat. Therefore in anticipation of our own streaking baby we’ve decided that we’re to be a little proactive. We’re using the Pampers® Limited Edition Prints Diapers for Boys and Girls. We figure as long as we get the diaper on he’ll look fashionable and well put together. These diapers are here for a limited time so make sure to go out and buy them while you can.

Two fun designs in every box: argyle & cars for boys, flowers & polka dots for girls:

  • Same absorbency and fit you’ve come to love with Pampers diapers
  • Available in sizes 1/2, 3, 4, so your baby can be stylish at all stages
  • Super-Stretchy sides for flexible fit
  • Fun diapers that make great baby shower gifts

We absolutely love them, here’s a live action shot of our little big man escaping using one of his new back-to-belly-squirm-and-propel moves moments after getting the diaper on. You can buy them from Stock up on them as they’re a limited edition!