Al Davis: The Oakland Raider

A lot has transpired this week with losing two pioneers – Steve Jobs and Al Davis.  So much of today’s technology dependence was affected by Steve Jobs with his visionary touch and delivering products that changed the face of our world.

Al Davis impacted the NFL in the way business was conducted and effectively modeled – Al was a trailblazer for the league.  Davis constantly went against league authority and won three Super Bowl titles during his half–century in the business called professional football.  An important element of Davis’ success was involvement at every level: coach, general manager, owner and commissioner.  Davis was an innovator, loyal to each and every Raider.

Contributions: (Prior to the Rooney Rule in 2003.)

  • Development of AFL and its merger with the NFL.
  • Hired John Madden at (32yrs old – youngest coach) as Raiders head coach in 1969. (Super Bowl XI)
  • Hiring the first Latino American coach – Tom Flores in 1979.  (Super Bowl XV, XVIII)
  • Hiring first African-American Coach of the modern era – Art Shell in 1989
  • Hiring the first woman CEO in professional sports – Amy Trask in 1997.

Along his journey – Al did it his way.  From moving the Raiders from OAK to LA and back to Oakland / trading coach Jon Gruden to the Buccaneers / to introducing nine inductees into the Hall of Fame.

The Raiders ownership will remain with the Davis family with John Madden in some undetermined advisory role.

Raider Nation – Stand up and “Just Win Baby” today for Mr. Al Davis.

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    Late Night Parents – Al Davis: The Oakland Raider …: Davis was an innovator, loyal to each and eve… #innovation

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