Review and Giveaway! BabyTouch Digital Video Monitor from Summer Infant

Summer Infant

BabyTouch Digital Video Monitor

Have you heard about Summer Infant? Chances are that if you or someone you know with an infant uses a baby monitor, it’s probably made by Summer Infant. Summer Infant has a wide range of offerings. Recently, thanks to our friends at Summer Infant, I was able to test out their BabyTouch™ Digital Video Monitor.

We’re lucky to have great friends and family. They threw us a fantastic baby shower before the little big man arrived. We had a great time running around various department stores, laser scanner in hand, selecting various items for the arrival of our newest family member. We  registered for a Summer Infant baby monitor however we did not receive one as a gift. Before we knew it the little guy was here and we were knee deep in diapers, formula, and massive, I mean Big Gulp massive, amounts of coffee.

It’s been a fun, exciting and challenging couple of months with the little big man. Early on the little guy had some sleeping issues which meant that our options for catching some z’s were very limited. That being the case we kept the little guy close to us. It didn’t take (too) long to figure out his needs, it turns out he was colicky and had a bit of acid re-flux. During this time we developed some bad habits; specifically we kept the little guy’s crib in the room with us and would bring him into bed with us once he began to cry (I know, I know… rookie mistake). As you can imagine he became a bit attached to this pattern. After a couple of months he became a little less dependent on us and we able to move his crib into his own room but what we didn’t count on was how dependent we’d become on him. It was right around this time that we realized that we never went and purchased that baby monitor!

Before the end of Summer 2011 we were determined to take the little guy to the shore on our first family vacation. Taking a vacation with a newborn, as I found out from some friends, family and our online community at, is a bit different than taking a vacation ‘before baby’. The main difference is that we absolutely, positively, must keep this guy on his nap schedule lest we doom ourselves to another potential sleepless series of nights. This meant that our beach time was strictly limited to his nap schedule. Prior to our vacation we were pretty much just within ear-shot of our little guy. As you can imagine this was really limiting, especially when you can see the ocean from your window! Enter the BabyTouch™ Digital Video Monitor, the baby monitor from Summer Infant that bought us some much needed mom and dad time.

The video pretty much sums it up, the BabyTouch™ Digital Video Monitor from Summer Infant is awesome! If you don’t own one, you should go out right now and buy one. I’ll wait while you do…

Back so soon? Excellent.

Both the camera and the monitor are portable meaning you can attach the camera to a battery pack as well as take the rechargeable monitor with you if you’re on the move. You’ll always have the ability to quickly setup your BabyTouch™ Digital Video Monitor. The camera and monitor come pre-configured and so it will literally work out of the box. Think of it as a cross between a smartphone and a personal video monitor where you can use the touchscreen to:

  • >>> Move the camera!! (My favorite part)
  • Control the brightness
  • Zoom in and out
  • Speak to your child via the monitor to the camera (yes, that’s correct)

What sets this monitor apart? Here’s a short list of its special features:

  • Talk Back Button: Allows parents to talk into the monitor and child to hear voice through the camera.
  • Video Sleep Mode: While operating on battery power, the video screen will go to sleep to conserve battery power.
  • Sound Lights: The 5 Sound Lights will illuminate on the Monitor depending on the level of your baby’s sounds.
  • Night Vision: In a darkened room, the Monitor will automatically use its infared LED’s to transmit a clear image of baby, so you can see your child at night!
  • A/V Cable: Connect your monitor to a television and watch your newborn on the big screen!

What this meant for us was that we were able to keep the little guy on his nap schedule while we sat outside on the deck of our beach house, watched the sunset, sipped on our fruity cocktails [Editor’s Note: Thomas’s cocktail was very manly] and enjoyed some MUCH NEEDED mom and dad time. Thanks to Summer Infant, we were able to enjoy the last few weeks of our summer as a family.

Watching the sunset (and my little guy).

Watching the sunset (and my little guy).

We’re so impressed with this monitor that we’ve partnered with Summer Infant to give one away right here at Late Night Parents. It’s super simple to enter and the more times you enter the better your chances are for being selected for the giveaway.

GIVEAWAY ITEM:  BabyTouch™ Digital Video Monitor

How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. November 3rd, 2011.

  • You get 1 extra entry for signing up for the Late Night Parents newsletter You must comment that you’re signed up.
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You will have 24 hours to respond before we pick another winner!

Disclaimer: Summer Infant supplied the BabyTouch™ Digital Video Monitor for this contest. Limited to the USA


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    This is so awesome! I would lo to havethis to watch my first baby girl while shesleeps-it would make u feel so much better knowing what goes on when you are ot in the room!

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  60. Melissa Singh

    I need this for my baby that has a habit of waking up and venturing off on her own. She doesn’t have a crib – we never got around to that and at this point she’s walking & climbing.


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