Last week, boxing fans all over the world heard about Chad Dawson’s controversial TKO of Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins.  Well, there is justice as the controversial end to the match, Hopkins’ career and light heavyweight title were reversed.  The 46yr old (ageless wonder) Hopkins was thrown to the ground and dislocated his shoulder joint and was unable to continue the match.  After several days, the World Boxing Council (WBC) decided to return the title back to the Hopkins and change the decision to a technical draw. (Temporary result) The boxing world will be waiting on the decision to remove the loss from Hopkins’ record and apply the disqualification loss to Chad Dawson.  The Boxing Commission in CA will be looking to fast-track the reversal and final decision.

Will there be a rematch to clear the air?  If it’s up to the promoter – Golden Boy Promotions – then it won’t happen.  Chances are that a rematch won’t happen.  It all surrounds the economics of boxing.  The overall return from pay-per-view purchases (less than 100,000 purchases) and the Staples Center box office (less than $300K) draw were not popular with its fans.  In the media, both fighters have been jockeying back and forth, but it’s not going to happen.

Why do we care about this ruling?  This could be the start to instant video replay being completely implemented into the sport.  Instant replay is only available in Nevada and New Jersey and that’s only due to a fight ending due to an injury.

It’s no different than the other professional sporting outfits that use instant replay.  Instant replay is required for questionable situations and/or calls made by the referee.

We wish Bernard Hopkins a speedy recovery and we’ll see you in the ring after you celebrate your 47th birthday.

Did you see the fight?