The AFC East is considered to be football’s toughest division.  It seems as if Miami is holding out for a savior to arrive.  Several years ago, that savior was Bill Parcells – who rejuvenated the franchise from its disappointing 1-15 season.  Currently, the Dolphins record is 0-6 with little hope.  The Dolphins franchise is hoping for Bill Cowher wrapped in a bow for X-mas or prior to the season ending.  Cowher remains the most coveted coach in professional football since he coached his last game in 2006.  Each year, Cowher’s name is attached to every losing team’s short list.  This year, you can add the Miami Dolphins name to this list.

The AP is reporting that the Miami Dolphins ownership has reached out to Cowher’s representatives with the hopes of replacing the “under-performing” Tony Sparano.  A  few years ago, Bill Parcells (vice president of football operations) personally handpicked Sparano and front office executive Jeff Ireland – to handle the operation.  When Parcells departed, it was Ireland that assumed full command of operations and should be charged with guiding the team into dismay.

Cowher has spent the last five years as an in-studio analyst at CBS for their pre / post-game shows.  Its been previously stated by Cowher that he won’t interview for a position with any team that still has a head coach.  Sounds like a man that respects his craft and has morals.  Cowher has been linked to the NY Giants, but Tom Coughlin has held on to his position and guided the Giants to a Super Bowl win only a few years ago.  Jon Gruden (who recently signed a five year contract with ESPN) and former Tennessee coach Jeff Fisher remain the other high profile coaches without full-time positions.

Would Cowher return to coaching without a GM/Exec VP title also attached to his resume remains a question?  Money won’t be a deciding factor, but the best possible opportunity to “WIN” matters most.  If the Dolphins continue to tank, then Sparano could be dismissed by early January and Andrew Luck would be on their radar.  Now, ask Oliver Luck if his son is willing to play for a team with the worst record.  It sounds like the Manning story all over again.

To dispel any rumors – we need to hear from Miami Dolphins owner – Stephen Ross.  If I were Ross, then I would definitely get a jump on securing one of the premier coaches in the business.  Next steps would be an extensive overhaul of the Dolphin roster.  Somebody – please get Brandon Marshall the darn ball.