The Muppets invade WWE “Monday Night Raw” – tonight.

In an attempt to get a crossover audience – The Jim Henson “Muppets” are scheduled to make their first guest appearance on USA Network’s “Monday Night Raw” on Halloween, where they will no doubt plug their upcoming musical flick, “The Muppets”.  We currently have no idea what the Muppets will be doing when they share the ring in Atlanta, GA with a plethora of WWE stars.  “Monday Night Raw” is a generational show where lots of different ages watch it together and regularly ranks in the Top 10 most –watched shows on cable.


The new Muppets movie will be domestically released on Thanksgiving eve (Nov23rd) and it’s their first big-screen film in a dozen years.  The Muppets are now owned by Disney and its marketing machine and you can expect these characters to likely float in the “85th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade,” the day after the movie opens.

So let’s see if Kermit and Miss Piggy winds up tag-teaming against the likes of The Viper or John Cena tonight on “Monday Night Raw”.


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