LG Thrill 4G for $9.99 & Review

LG is NOT as widely known for delivering smartphone powerhouses as some other popular brands out there.  It’s usually Samsung, HTC and Apple that receive all the headlines.  The Optimus line features its line of high performance phones.  The LG Thrill 4G is a dual core Android phone which is equipped with a 3D camera/games and the ability to pipe 3D to a big screen.  It’s a glasses free 3D option and one of AT&T’s best phones on the market for it’s overall $9.99 cost to purchase.  You’ll be pretty surprised by the call quality / physical features / 3D performance and multimedia features.



  • 4.3 Parallax barrier LCD display w/800×480 pixels resolutions.
  • Excellent voice quality
  • Dual Core Speed
  • HDMI Output (with cable included in your bundle)
  • Video player handled most formats such as: MPEG4, H.264, XVID and DIVX videos up to 1080P resolution.
  • Storage options: 5.5GB internal and 8GB MicroSD card.
  • Apps, Apps and more apps – YouTube 3D is a killer app.  Other great apps consist of: Kindle to Qik video chat, QR code scanner and pay GPS apps.
  • Not promoted as a 3D phone (smart idea)
  • Tethered as a hotspot with ease



  • Experienced a buggy Android OS 2.2.2 performance.  512MB of RAM causes this degradation and app sluggishness.
  • Pixelated 3D images
  • SO-so camera (dual 5MP resolutions)
  • High Speed Packet Access HSPA 14.4 isn’t 4G service.
  • Battery life increases and disabling the AT&T bloatware (software) – next to impossible to get a full day without a charge.
  • Slightly thick and heavy device.


Bottom line:  I’ve tested the LG Thrill for two weeks and it’s a better than average smartphone. The new price point makes it a MUST-HAVE!!! Better 3D experience than most of the competition.  Can’t wait to see you create a glasses free 3D tablet.

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  1. Teddy QM

    Thank you for reviewing this phone. I have been looking for a good starter phone for my tech savvy 10 year old. We wanted a good reliable phone that will allow him to communication with us and a phone that will allow us to find him in the event of an emergency.
    Plus all the other phones on the market are just too price for a 10year old to have. How well does this phone work with ATT family maps or other gps apps?

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