This review will similar to masses already in circulation. The weekend can be summed up to Wolves, wands, water and a heckuva lot of little kiddos!  It was a combination of BIG fun in PA. The Hicks family spent Friday-Sunday (Veteran’s Day Holiday) at the lodge and enjoyed every minute of it. (Well, I was ready to GO on Sunday AM)

Eating: Starbucks, bar & grill, buffet restaurant, Pizza Hut express, snack shop pool side and a dessert place just outside the pool. Our meals were included in our package.  Breakfast included everything from made to order omelettes, hashbrowns, sausage, cereal, grits, pancakes, waffles, pastries, you name it.  Do NOT arrive at breakfast after 815am, because the wait is pretty painful.

Magic wands and Quests: My son waved his magic wand at all the pictures and treasure chests that came to life, but didn’t understand a thing about the game, nor could they care any less.

Wristbands: Can you say One-Card – this was your room keys, pool entrance pass and credit card, all wrapped in one. You can charge anything in the pool to your wrist and have it added to your bill.

Pool: fantastic and amazing! The chlorine was very potent and bothered me- but not the kiddos.  Enjoy the pool before your check-in. Pack a swim bag and change of clothing for after check out and stay as long as you like poolside even after you check out of your room.

Room:  The room was a decent size, but the water pressure at the sink was horrible.  It was hard to wash your hands, brush your teeth.

Customer Service:  The CSR’s were awesome and accommodating to our family’s needs.

I am amazed that I loved this place. It’s all about the kids—isn’t it ALWAYS!!!