Tommee Tippee's Closer to Nature Sterilants

It seems that time and time again Tommee Tippee reads the collective minds of parents all over.  Either that or they have a great research and development department. Either way I’m excited to tell you about their newest offerings, Tommee Tippee’s Closer to Nature Sterilant Line.

I work in NYC and when cold and flu season are upon us many of us cringe at the idea of touching handrails… well pretty much anything having to do with a subway. There’s a noticeable change when using public transportation in the city during cold and flu the colder months. One day seemingly everyone is bright, cheery, talkative, holding doors for you, handing you fists full of cash (I’ve exaggerated some of the previous points) and then WHAMMY! a cold or flu hits the area and your subway car becomes a petri-dish for an insane amount of germs.

One of my biggest concerns as a new father is that I’ll catch a cold and pass it on to my newborn. When your kid catches a cold, ugh, it’s just terrible on all fronts. Luckily Tommee Tippee has us covered with its new line of Closer to Nature Sterilants.

Why are these products from Tommee Tippee especially awesome? Well, I’m happy you asked:

Cold and Flu season in NYC = WHAMMY!

  •  Antibacterial Hand Soap Mousse
  • Antibacterial Hand Gel
  • Surface Spray
  • Bottle and Feeding Utensil Wash
  • Pacifier, Nipple, Teether & Toy Wipes

Here’s the most important part…

  • Cleans in secondsWin! Extra time to watch must see TV on Thursday nights!
  • Free of alcohol, chlorine, fragrance and dyesSuper important for newborns with sensitive skin like my son. Also the fact that he won’t smell like a flower helps to build his street cred.
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteriaDie bacteria die! Ahh, very cathartic.
  • Leaves hands feeling soft and refreshed without stickiness or residueGreat for dads! I mean, who doesn’t like it when your hands are feeling soft and refreshed. Also, good for moms.

You can pick up these products at any Toy’s R Us / Babies R Us!

Your friend,