BabyBjörn’s Baby Carrier Miracle

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Miracle

It took a couple of years of testing with real life parents to perfect, but it was worth the wait. BabyBjörn’s new Baby Carrier Miracle should be your next baby carrier purchase. I was able to attend a promotional event in NYC where I met the head of Product Development David Thalёn. David gave Late Night Parents an in-depth explanation of the stunning new features included in the Baby Carrier Miracle.

Highlights include:

  • Easy on and off
  • Effortless transfer of baby from carrier to
  • Grows with a newborn up to 15 months without an infant insert
  • Unique waist belt and adjustable back support allow parents to change positions for a more comfortable experience both for child and parent.

When used with a newborn, the carrier is designed for a parent to carry the child high up on the chest an facing inward. Research has shown that this position may actually help reduce colic. As the child grows side adjusters near the head and legs can be loosened or tightened to better fit the child’s body. For older and stronger babies, the Baby Carrier Miracle provides the option for your child to face outward while resting safely against your chest.

Fully Adjustable for Dads AND Babies!

The carrier is composed of poly fibrous materials for maximum durability and flexibility. In addition the fabric on the inside of the carrier is designed to be smooth and gentle on the baby’s skin. As always, all BabyBjörn products are Class-1 Oeko-Tex certified which means that this product (as well as others) are guaranteed harmless to children’s sensitive skin and will not trigger allergies.

Why exactly is all of this important? David explained that in these carriers are designed with longevity in mind. BabyBjörn has found through rigorous testing and real-life parent focus groups that people who had purchased earlier versions of the BabyBjörn carrier tended to hold on to their carriers long after their newborns had grown out of it. In fact, their research had shown that previous

BabyBjörn carriers were made so well that parents and even grandparents would simply dust of an old carrier that had been stored in the attic and pass down that carrier to other family and friends. BabyBjörn has made a name for itself based on its commitment to providing safe, high-quality products with a uniquely simple yet highly fashionable design aesthetic. Therefore it is important for BabyBjörn to make a product that will withstand the test of time both in terms of design and functionality.

Here’s a brief video of David Thalёn showcasing the simplistic, multifunctional approach to the new Baby Carrier Miracle.

The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Miracle is available in three fabrics: Soft Cotton Mix, Mesh and Organic Cotton.

The Soft Cotton Mix carrier has a suggested retail price of $184.95 and is available at independent, online and mass retailers. For more information visit BabyBjörn at:


  1. babycarrierguy

    This actually looks loads better than the previous Baby Bjorn baby carriers. I have used the original Baby Bjorn before and it felt like I was lugging coal on my back after about 20 minutes. This looks like it would be much more supportive on the back and is actually quite stylish…even for us men.

    • Thomas

      I actually tried it on and walked around with it for a while at the event, I can tell you this. It’s awesome.

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