You have a a bar

As a parent, I’m sure you’ve had days like I did today.  Mommy leaves jr. with you while she attends an afternoon brunch (I really hate brunch btw, but that’s another blog post).  While mommy is away, Jr. decides to spend most of the time screaming and crying over who knows what.  I have yet to encounter anything more frustrating than watching my son scream uncontrollably for hours – well, maybe an offense led by Kordell Stewart, but I don’t want to bring up those memories.

So after today, I could have really used something like the bar talked about in this blog post (  The bar provides an area for children to play for a few hours while the parents grab a drink.  They even had a day when the kiddos could meet Santa Claus (

Der Schwarze Koelner in the Fort Green neighborhood of Brooklyn hosts a play group every Monday – Thursday from 2:30 -5:00.  Judging from the pictures and comments on their FB page (, it’s become a huge hit.


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    You have a a bar via @latenightparent

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    Nothing like starting ’em early!

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