The Clicker – Must-Have Superbowl/Sports Accessory

Just in time for the NFL play-off games and Superbowl on the horizon, make sure you have the perfect sports accessory by your side, the Clicker!

The Clicker is a new all-in-one uber-gadget that fuses the remote control with the ever-important bottle cap opener in one sleek device. Engineered to withstand the manliest of man caves, and case after case of openings, the Clicker is programmed with over 800 factory pre-sets and works with almost all major cable and satellite dish boxes.

The Clicker supports twin view and Picture-in-Picture functions for multiple game watching, and can be universally programmed for up to eight components, including your TV, DVD player, Cable box, DVR, Satellite, CD and AMP.

Enjoy all your favorite sports games while never having to get up and open your beer!

At $24.99, it’s perfect for any sports or TV enthusiast who wants interruption free, multiple game/TV watching.  For more information, please visit

Batteries not included!


  1. DaDa Rocks! (@dadarocks) (@dadarocks)

    Must-Have Superbowl/Sports Accessory – the Clicker via @latenightparent

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    Must-Have Superbowl/Sports Accessory – the Clicker via @latenightparent

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