Parenting tips for retired athletes

In my mind, I am able to run as fast as a star center fielder and I’m as powerful as the All-Pro tailback.  Of course, I can throw darts like a champ, swim like Michael Phelps, jump extremely high and am a bad-ass hula hooper.   Alas, none of this is true. In reality I’m in my mid 3o’s, my achilles hurts all the time and I get tired thinking about walking up the stairs.  In other words, there’s no way I could be an athlete any longer, and more importantly, being an athlete is probably pretty hard.

You know what else is hard? Well, sure you do…you’re on a parenting website…so it’s no surprise to us that parenting is hard.  So, how does someone who was once a full time athlete handle the tall task of parenting?  Luckily for us ex Major League Ball Player, Doug Glanville (Cubs, Phillies and Rangers) takes a stab at answering that when he goes into the mind of recently retired Yankee Jorge Posada in this article:

Nothing too outrageous here, but I was relieved to know even famous/rich parents struggle to get their children to obey .  It’s also nice to know he found it harder to run a house full of children than when he had to face some of the all-time great pitchers.

So, this lead me to think about jobs that ARE harder than parenting.  I know my stepdad was a coal miner, which can certainly be considered a difficult job.  However, looking back on it, I’m sure he was a bit more comfortable 200 feet underground than he was raising 4 kids 🙂

So, can you think of any jobs out there harder than parenting?



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