Here’s a few SUPER BOWL facts our LNP staff are providing without the $25 Media Day pass.

  • 163 MIL expected viewers
  • $11 BIL will be spent (includes chips and salsa)
  • 5.1 MIL New TVs will be purchased
  • $3.5 MIL for a 30 SEC commercial

DID YOU KNOW?  (Do you even care?)

  • 2 MIL Pizza Pies will be purchased (Yes – that equals 16 MIL slices)
  • 1.25 BIL Wings eaten – (If you line them up – you’re able to circle the earth two times)
  • 46 MIL LBS of Potato Chips will be eaten
  • AVG viewer -1,200 CAL / 50G of FAT (just from snacking during the game.)

Enjoy the GAME and Don’t FORGET to make that trip to the GYM next week.  Eat Healthy!!!