As only in Nike fashion, several weeks ago it announced the Nike+ FuelBand, a smart wristband that counts your physical activity across sports in its own proprietary language called Nike Fuel.

The device displays the Fuel counter as well as a series of colored LEDs that measure the day’s physical activity level. Users set a goal in Fuel points and then try to engage themselves in enough activity (of any kind) to reach the goal. A couch potato’s day shows red lights and increasing activity lights up toward green as the Fuel counter approaches 100%.

The device is as connected as one may expect: there’s an accompanying an Apple iOS app that can communicate with the wristband via Bluetooth, and there are also social network hooks to boast goals met on Facebook or Twitter. On the Web or on their phones, users can see their performance graphed out with visuals borrowed from the existing Nike+ product for runners.

Weighing no more than 32 grams for the largest model, it’s likely you’ll forget you are even wearing the FuelBand. Charging also shouldn’t become a chore as the two lithium polymer batteries embedded in the band allows four days of use between charges.

The FuelBand is available now for pre-order in the United States with overseas releases being announced in the future. Its cost is $150. It’s slated for a FEB release date.

Your overall score is based on: time, calories, steps and Nike Fuel. If the consumer believes in the algorithm, then this could definitely be a game changer.