It’s been a fabulous week and great time to live in New York.  We’ve celebrated the Giants stunning Super Bowl defeat of the Patriots – two parades: Downtown Manhattan and MetLife Stadium.  You thought Victor Cruz was the latest sensation —-move over!  It’s time for the new TALK OF THE TOWN – Jeremy Lin.  Lin is the talk of the NBA and the New York Knicks.  Everything runs on a NY minute – and Lin was considered a possible flash in the pan —it appears that #7 is here to stay.

So, what’s the real story here? You already know Jeremy Lin graduated from Harvard with an Economics degree and that’s he’s loved basketball all his life. In 2010, Lin spent time with the Reno BigHorns (D-League). The General Manager’s and Talent Evaluator of the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets are sure to be kicking themselves. (Someone’s going to get demoted over this one.) On Dec 27th, every NBA basketball fan in New York can probably thank Mark Warkentien (Director, Player and Pro Player Personnel) for signing Jeremy Lin to a 10-day contract. Lin has gone from sleeping on his brother’s couch in NYC to a guaranteed $788K contact for the remainder of the season.

The branding behind Jeremy Lin continues to skyrocket:

  • Jeremy Lin Knick jersey’s #17 and T-shirts are being sold worldwide.
  • EBay is internationally selling Jeremy Lin trading cards for $250 each.
  • #LINsanity is trending on Twitter
  • 100K Twitter Followers @JLIN7
  • 348K SINA Followers (Chinese Twitter Equivalent)

If you were living under a rock – like Kobe Byrant – then you had no idea who’s Jeremy Lin!

It’s too early to calculate Jeremy Lin’s worth, however the NY Knicks have definitely found a Point Guard. New Yorker’s are excited for tonight’s match up versus PG -Rubio and the Minnesota Timberwolves.  This is Mike D’Antoni basketball and inserting Jeremy Lin will possibly save his job with the NY Knicks.

Knicks fans can’t wait for Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony to return to the lineup.