Bullying is such an important topic that has had deadly repercussions.  We want to get this message out from Evan Michael (a.k.a. – children’s entertainer Riff Rockit) – an artist who was bullied and has come back stronger.  Beginning later this month, in conjunction with International STAND UP to Bullying Day, messages about helping to report bullying will be posted along with the tags #AntiBullying and #StopBullying.

Here is Evan’s story and message:

I’ve twice survived one of the meanest, unforgiving, and most elusive bullies…cancer.  When forced to deal with something that had no name, no conscience, no heart, and no voice you can’t help but build up one of the most important muscles in our body…Your heart.  Mine has become my emotional backbone and I believe it is stronger than most, but the reality is, your heart’s strength doesn’t actually keep it from breaking. The strength comes from the knowledge of knowing how to mend it when it gets wounded.

Our first experience with bullies is often when we are very young children and someone bigger or stronger punches us, steals our lunch money, or makes fun of us in front of our peers.  As we grow up the pushing and punching turns into other tactics, like online posts, rumors, and emotional torpedoes of verbal propaganda that has only one purpose…to attack our hearts and our confidence in an attempt to break them.

Bullying needs to be stopped.  Parents, teachers, and students are the first line of defense and we all need to be more aware of what is happening in our surroundings to our peers and to our children.  To me, the biggest change in the fight against bullying needs to be in how we as a society portray the person who “outs” the bully.

We need to change our mindset in the sense that “outing” a bully is not being a snitch, but rather being incredibly brave.  In my opinion, it’s honorable, commendable, heroic, and the first step to change.  Teachers, parents, and bosses need to know when this is going on and come to the aid of the victim immediately.

The person that helped me “out” my cancer bully was my bone marrow donor.  When he made the choice to donate his marrow having never met me, he unselfishly stepped forward to save my life.  He is an every day guy, with the heart of an angel.  He is my Hero.  Bullies are a cancer of society and they are all around us.  Everyday people are bullied, which means every day there is an opportunity to help someone and offering that help is a powerful gift.  Anybody can be a Hero…It truly is all about what is in our hearts.

About Bullying:

Department of Health & Human Services’ website www.StopBullying.gov – “Students often feel that adult intervention is infrequent and unhelpful and they often fear that telling adults will only bring more harassment from bullies.  Stresses of being bullied can interfere with student’s engagement and learning in school… those that are bullied are more likely than other children to be depressed, lonely, anxious, have low self-esteem, feel unwell, and think about suicide.”

Center for Disease Control and Prevention -“The ultimate goal is to stop bullying before it starts.”


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