Really, really fast.

I’ve had the pleasure of testing out the new Motorola Atrix 2 for several weeks now and I can tell you one thing. This phone is spectacular. I’d like to point out a couple of things right from the start. There are other phones on the market that may have more robust hardware, more ram or onboard storage, and maybe even a couple of more megapixels here or there for the front or rear facing cameras. Based on my experience, this balance of hardware, software, reception, and battery life in the Atrix 2 places this phone at the forefront of today’s smartphone market.

The first thing you will notice with the Atrix 2 is how responsive it is. I’ve used and tested many smartphones over the past four years and I can say with certainty that the Atrix 2 is at the top of my list. As far as smartphones are concerned, we all know that one of the true benchmarks for modern day devices starts with the latest and greatest offerings from Apple. When testing a new smartphone for better or worse I always ask myself, “How does it compare to the iPhone”. It is my humble opinion that the Motorolla Atrix 2 surpasses the latest iPhone in many ways, which has not always been the case for Android based smartphones. Here’s a quick rundown of why I believe this offering by our friends at AT&T Wireless is better than the latest and greatest offering from Apple.



Sleek design, soft bevel, smooth edges, the back casing is non-slip a rubber shell. I wouldn’t plan on purchasing any case or screen guard for this. Screen size is set at  4.3 inches on the Atrix 2 (larger than the iPhone). The back of the ATRIX 2 is also home to its 8-megapixel camera and speaker grill. The power button is in easy reach on the top right of the phone and is accompanied to its lower-right by volume keys. The left side of the device is home to a microUSB port and a mini-HDMI port.


Did I mention fast? This is a 4G phone and the Atrix 2 provides support for AT&T’s 21Mbps HSPA+ network. Obviously your network speed will vary but coupling the 4G speed with the quick response time when loading apps, to switching between apps, to connecting to and with your friends and family, this phone is blazing fast. Bootup time is quick, most likely due to the Atrix’s dual-core processor. Speaking of which the Atrix 2 has a 1GHz dual-core TI OMAP4430. Basically, it’s probably faster than the phone you have in your pocket right now.


The camera itself seems to be a bit sluggish when it comes to focusing and shutter speed. In addition the default capture settings, specifically when taking pictures indoors or in low light, seem to really amplify ambient light which can at times washout the focal point of your picture.

This camera is capable of recording 1080p video. I’ve found that recording video at the highest capture rate to responsive and satisfactory overall, but the same issues still apply to both indoor and low light settings.


Motorola’s Atrix 2 comes preloaded with several interesting software applications. One of the most intriguing is its Webtop application. The optional Atrix 2 Lapdock 100 provides you with the opportunity to turn your smartphone into a highly functional browser based personal computer. The optional HD Station allows you to push your display to a HDMI-ready display. This is some really exciting stuff! Think of the possibilities when it comes to shooting 1080p HD video and then displaying that video on a laptop type device or even a big-screen television!


The battery is 1785 mAh, this means you’ll get about 8 hours with fairly regular usage. Standby time is roughly 24 hours. Like I’ve said, I’m more than happy with the attention that was given to balancing this phones’ hardware and software, this is reflected well in its battery life.


If you’re thinking of buying your husband or wife a new smartphone that rivals the latest and greatest offerings from Apple, I would defiantly recommend the Motorolla Atrix 2.As fatherand an Apple Fanman (See what I did there? You know, I’m an adult and all) who works in and with technology on a daily basis I can best sum up the Motorolla Atrix 2 by saying that this phone is sleek, fast and most importantly reliable. I feel that reliability was always one of the biggest issues with Android based phones, the Atrix 2 by Motorolla has eliminated those concerns for me. I no longer feel like I’m a slave to my battery life or my ability to connect to a fast wireless network. For those out there who don’t work in technology and don’t get a kick out of deciphering the latest acronyms related to speed and quality of your smartphone, all you need to know is that this phone works, and it works very, very well.