Did Colts owner Jim Irsay make the right decision?

So, while everyone is consumed with following the Peyton Manning Free-Agency World Tour – Late Night Parents is interested in discussing how Jim Irsay placed a figure four leg-lock and effectively wrestled back his organization.  You can call it a rebuilding phase or just “plain” cleaning house.  Is it a re-tread story of the billionaire owner knowing more than his football operations staff and firing everyone on staff or is it about re-claiming the “horseshoe”.  Irsay and his newly minted general manager Ryan Grigson continue to mention the Colts are “still not out of the woods” and no one on the team is safe.  What originally started with removing “football operations” Vice Chairman Bill Polian / General Manager Chris Polian, the entire coaching staff – has morphed into releasing icon – Peyton Manning and multiple position players.

Parting Shots: If you were in Irsay’s shoes – what would you have done?

Who will be Andrew Luck’s future teammates? I guarantee a lot of introductions will be in order.

What are your thoughts?

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