Can U.S. schools succeed?

According to Dr. Ronald W. Homes, a former educator, administrator and district superintendent, the answer is yes.

Despite of the deterioration, he believes radical change is needed so the American education system can once again thrive.

Today, educational systems are faced with cutbacks and intense scrutiny. In Holmes’ new book, Education Questions to be Answered, he focuses on the current educational issues harming America’s schools and offers unique, researched based solutions that focus on providing answers to education questions from a positive perspective. Providing extensive detail, he reveals how to improve and ultimately fix the broken American education system.

Holmes’ professional experience provided him insights into these educational issues and the tactics that will restore them to their former glory.

“I want readers and educators to view this as a resource designed to address ongoing issues and help develop a plan for overall improvement,” Holmes says. “When placed in the hands of an educator, this book provides a roadmap to success for struggling schools throughout the United States.”

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