In case you didn’t know, March is National Reading Month and what better time to discover some new books that you can share with your children.  Bookstores are overflowing with great books, but today we will venture off the beaten path and look at some great less known but equally great books.


The Day No One Played Together by Donalisa Helsley

1) The Day No One Played Together: A Story About Compromise by Donalisa Helsley

The book is based on a topic that is all too familiar for those of us with more than one child.  It’s about two little girls that want to play together but can’t agree on what to play.  It is a well written, well illustrated book that teaches children how to get along.  This book is a recipient of the Mom’s Choice Award, so you know it’s got to be good.



The Littel Gnome by Sheri Fink

2) The Little Gnome by Sheri Fink

Children don’t always handle change well.  This book teaches children about change and how to find the good in it through the story of a gnome living in a Victorian styled garden who is experiencing the changing seasons.




Nate Rocks the World by Karen Pokras Toz

3) Nate Rocks the World by Karen Pokras Toz

This chapter book is about an imaginative fourth grader who, armed with is sketchpad, will face the perils of an older sister, an out of date dad, a mom who can’t cook and sorts of other problems.  It is a great book and is perfectly written for the young bibliophile and bibliophobics a-like.



T-Bot and Peabody Explore the Zoo by Jonathan Fluck

4) T-Bot and Peabody Explore the Zoo by Jonathan Fluck

Geared for the young reader who loves facts, this non-fiction book follows two robots through the zoo.  It is written in an interactive style that engages the reader and is full of visual text, charts, and lists.  Even if your child is not enraptured with the facts and details about elephants and giraffes, the photographs alone will keep their attention.





Bob Beetle Book Bug by Phyllis Griggs

5)  Bob Beetle Book Bug: The Magical World of Books by Phyllis M. Griggs

This book is a fun book written in an interactive style.  It is about a book bug who loves to read and he invites children to journey with him into the world of books.  Bob Beetle shows children the limitless wonders of reading.




No matter which one you pick, all of these books are great ways for you to spend quality time with your kids, encourage a love of reading, strengthen their reading skills, and teach them a thing or two.  All of these books are available on