Thermapen by Thermoworks Review: One Thermometer to Rule Them All!

Sorry for the Lord of the Rings reference but  I really could not think of another way to put it.  There are many, many reasons why I love my Thermapen splash  proof thermometer which I will I will describe below.   I have always heard about the greatness of the Thermapen and one issue always jumped out at me.  Is a food thermometer really worth the almost $100 cost?  Well, the answer is pretty simple.  Yes it is.    The bottom line is that if you are serious about the food you prepare the Thermapen needs to be in your arsenal.

Let’s talk a bit about what this thing does.

3-second readings


o.1 resolution full range to 572F

Auto On/Off

1,500 hour Battery life


Comes in a variety of colors

The Thermapen comes dialed in from the factory.  There is no set-up for you.  It accurate to 10th of a percent up to 572 degrees.  The other thing about the Thermapen is that is a a larger item.  It feels sturdy in your hand and it opens like a pocket knife.  There is no on or off button.  When you close it shut it turns off.  The battery is a lithium battery that is estimated to last 1,500 hours!!  If you do run out of batteries you can easily find replacements at any electronics store.   But, the best thing about the Thermopen is the fast readings.  Within 3 seconds you have an accurate reading.  That’s it.  Basically stick in the probe and there you go.

Since I am all about BBQ the first food item to test my new Thermapen on was a brisket.  In the past my old thermometer had been a huge pain.  It look 30 to 45 seconds give a reading.  The whole time I would have to hold open the pit door, letting the heat out until I had a reading.  Any BBQ man knows that this significantly delay the cooking time but as much as 30 minutes for each time you open the door.  This kept me in a guessing game with what was really going on with the temperate of a brisket.  That is no longer a problem.  Open the door a few seconds later I have my reading. Door is shut again and heat retention is maximized!

Another issue I have around my house is that my wife is a well done and I am medium rare.  Over the years I have cooked enough to know about what I am looking for but again, Thermapen takes the guesswork out of the process.  Here are some hamburgers we did inside on a grill.  In Texas it is rare that we have to grill hamburgers inside, sometimes in the winter we cook inside when the weather is bad.  Quickly insert the Thermapen and you have an instant reading.

Here are some meatballs.  Meatballs can easily dry out.  Not a problem with the Thermapen.  In  fact I usually made meatballs a lot bigger than I wanted to because I was so worried about them drying out.  Again, the small probe just inserts into the center of the meatball and you get an instant reading with no guesswork.  This is real important.  The heat sensor on the Thermapen is right on the tip pf the probe.  So you know exactly where you put the probe tip is where the reading temp is coming from.  Again, no guesswork!

We love “smoked” hamburgers!  These can take up to an hour to smoke and you can easily miss the temp target as well.  Don’t want to dry out a juicy, smoked burger!!  Not a problem with the Thermapen!

I find that I take temperature measurements a lot more now with my Thermapen than with my old thermometer.  It is super easy and fast!  In full disclosure I was sent a Thermapen from Thermoworks to test and blog about.  Having used several really cheap digital thermometers over the years I have to say I am blown away by the Thermapen!  If there was one issue that I have it is that the device does not have a light on the digital readout.  This would be a very helpful addition.  Many times you need to take a temperature when it is dark outside.  I usually just use a headlamp if I am going to be out all night but having a light on the Thermapen would make things easier.  That is the only negative.  The Thermapen is sturdy device that fits nicely in your hand.  The sensor pulls out like a pocket knife so you don’t have to worry about it being dangerous and accidentally poke somebody!  Just fold it up when you are done using it and it is completely save.  I think the Thermapen by Thermoworks is the best digital thermometer you can buy on the market and if you are serious about your BBQ or just a backyard hack, you will miss fewer temperature targets with the Thermapen in your arsenal.

You can get your Thermapen by clicking here.

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