Customize, create, and interact with your alphabet!

My A-Z is more than just alphabet flashcards for your preschooler: It’s an exploratory learning project for everyone to do together! Every child begins building their ability to read and write by learning the letters in their name and their surrounding environment: S is for Salt, M is for Mommy, B is for Butterfly. My A-Z provides a fun way to personalize this process for your child. Here are some of the different ways you and your child can use My A-Z:

  1. Let your kid (on their own, or together with the family) create their own, individual alphabet cards. Take a photo of your dog—and record its bark—for the letter D. Photograph and record Grandma saying “I love you!” during her visit for the letter G. Empower your child to explore and document their world, then review and talk about their selections.
  2. If you are teaching your child a second language, sprinkle the language throughout the app. For example, add another dog photo under P and record your child saying “Perro” for Spanish.
  3. Parents of non-verbal children: photograph the people, foods, and important items in your child’s life and use this app as a communication tool with your child.

My A-Z includes a basic set of words and pictures that many early language learners use in their beginning vocabulary, from Apple to Zipper. To add your own card, click on the plus symbol to pull up the camera. Choose a picture from your photo library or take a new one. Click on the microphone to record your voice, or sounds from your environment. You can email the card or change the color scheme to completely customize your card collection!

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