HP Photosmart 5510 and showcasing the e-Print feature

The latest in HP’s user-friendly PhotoSmart range, the black HP Photosmart 5510 e-All-in-One blends nicely into any home office or family room.  It prints, scans, copies – built-in 802.11b/g/n wireless 2.36″ color touchscreen display printing from mobile devices via HP ePrint Web content accessible via free apps  The price is $99.99 for this device.

Pros: Sleek appearance, lightweight & smaller compared to similar printers. It’s touch screen is very easy to see allowing for easy navigation through setup, etc. It easily connects to wireless network & devices.  The scanning and copying features work seamlessly too.

Cons: Almost sixty days later and I haven’t run into any problems.

Summary: The printer is a very sturdy, well made model with lots of bonus features for the price (scanner, copier, wireless connection, apps). The apps that come with the printer are a plus especially if you have young children (coloring pages) or are looking to save a few extra bucks at the grocery store (coupons), etc. The scanner has worked wonderfully and scans quietly, quickly and clearly. Connecting to wireless networks and devices takes only a few simple steps that even those who are not technically inclined could connect without ever having to open the manual. The printer has a nice appearance as well, does not look clunky or outdated and is very lightweight compared to other printers selling in this price range.  It’s an overall good printer for the price.

It’s refreshing to be welcomed into the “wonderful world of e-print”.  No longer is their a need for “sharing your local printer” on your network and/or exposing your local PC in unsafe environments. HP’s e-print  “free of charge” feature allows you to virtually print to one of it’s printers that supports this feature.  The e-print service allows you to send the print job to your printer the conventional way on “File, Print” and / or the option of e-mailing your documents to a predefined e-mail address to print your documents.  This service extends your user experience by allowing you to print directly from your mobile iOS devices (IE: iPhone / iPad / iPod) as we continue to edge slightly closer to a totally mobile platform.

Goodbye PC – Hello mobility!


  1. Salley

    Finally I won’t have to bother with home networks and all their headaches! Print from anywhere will be a lifesaver.

  2. Los Angeles Printing

    Very sleek and modern design. Looks like HP might still be relevant in the print market. Printing from my iPhone will be fun!

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