LNP wishes everyone a Happy Easter.  Now, the talk radio and NBA studio pundits are spinning their wheels and spewing their wrath about Isiah Thomas’ impending return to the New York Knicks.  You should be talking about how Dwight Howard has high-jacked the Orlando Magic organization and will force their management team to trade him to the Brooklyn Nets.  Isiah Thomas’ footprints are all over the Knicks organization and he’s now merely being included on the payroll.  He NEVER LEFT!!! The pundits can joke about the “Bro-mance” or the “infatuation” that exists between Isiah and Dolan, but the writing has always been on the wall.  If you have any questions about Isiah’s power with the Knicks – just ask Donnie Walsh.  Yesterday, tt became official when the NY Knicks management informed Donnie Walsh (consultant) that he’s free to discuss executive opportunities with other teams.  Is it really a coincidence that it happens on the same day Florida International University terminates Isiah’s contact.

Did Isiah ever leave the Knicks organization?  It’s been thoroughly documented about his failures (2003-2008) as the Basketball CZAR.  To further discuss the conspiracy theory:  In 2008, Donnie Walsh was hired to run the operations, he supposedly banished Isiah away from day-to-day operations.  There’s always been a huge disconnect with operations people and ownership – See http://go.lnp.tv/wp6r3C for additional details.

James Dolan continued to use Isiah Thomas as his chief advisor on:

  • Courting LeBron James to sign with the Knicks.
  • Gave credit to Isiah for the Amar’e Stoudemire max deal signing (as mentioned in his press conference)
  • Trying to hire Isiah as a consultant while still an employee at FIU
  • Involved in Carmelo Anthony trade (while Walsh and D’Antoni were clueless during the All-Star break)
  • Installing Glen Grunwald as interim General Manager (Isiah’s former Indiana University teammate)
  • Hiring Mike Woodson as defensive specialist for Mike D’Antoni (backup plan and Isiah’s former Indiana University teammate)

A better question is why did David Stern turn a blind eye and only address the Dolan / Isiah relationship on only one occasion?  Sadly, if you’re not over 25, then you’ve only heard about Isiah Thomas the executive train wreck and not one of the NBA’s 50 greatest players.  Isiah is on the record for saying that he’ll get LeBron James to sign with the NY Knicks in 2014 – when he opts out with the Miami Heat. (delusional) The NBA’s elite tend to gravitate toward Isiah for his basketball knowledge as a former player —-it was evident during the lockout when LeBron James and Dwayne Wade decided to put together the South Florida All Starr Classic.  The event was held at FIU with Isiah Thomas serving as master of ceremony and portions of the proceeds went to the FIU First generation Scholarship Fund.

It’s only now, that Isiah can openly fulfill (back on payroll) his current role as Dolan’s chief advisor and advanced talent scout.  I understand the talent scout role and wonder what happens this off-season —Does opposing general manager’s contact Isiah directly or place a customary call to interim GM Glen Grunwald to discuss trades.  Does Grunwald tell opposing GMs that he’ll call them aback after speaking with Isiah Thomas?

In The Zone Takeway:  Isiah Thomas has never left the organization – so you can’t say he’s returning!