Need A Man To Be A Good Mom? Contributor Melysa Schmitt Weighs In On WPIX

I’m baaaaack! This week I returned to WPIX Morning News for my second appearance to talk single parents and whether or not you need a man to be a good mom.

The last time I visited WPIX I discussed dating advice for the single parent.

This week’s topic on “Mom’s The Word” was sparked after Diane Keaton recently said she regrets being a single mom.

During an interview for AARP magazine she was quoted as saying, “As a parent I provide all I can, but I think in the best possible scenario you need to have a man.”

As a single mom I know firsthand that a two parent household is certainly easier financially, but I don’t think it takes having a man in your life to be a good mom. It’s been three years since I’ve had one in mine and while there have been times I’ve struggled, I think in the long run it has made me a more well-rounded woman and better mother.

Some argue a child needs a father figure in their daily life to avoid confusion, but I say that’s just not so.

When all is said and done, it doesn’t matter if a child has one parent or two parents; It matters that they have a good parent.

You can watch my full interview with Sukanya Krishnan on the WPIX Morning News by clicking the link below.

Mom’s The Word: Single Parents


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  1. Bruce Sallan (@BruceSallan)

    The ideal – which can’t always be realized, OF COURSE – is for a child to have a Dad and Mom. Sorry, God made us to procreate with each other and, I believe, to raise kids together. THAT is the way it is best, though life often intrudes. I believe having kids without a man is plain selfish!

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