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If you’re like me, one of the most dreaded parts of your day is the question:  “What’s for dinner?”.  That sense of dread becomes even worse when the question is answered because now, I have to execute the plan while the kids are fighting and/or destroying the place.

Luckily, the good folks at have come up with a way to make the “What’s for dinner” dilemma a lot less stressful.  Here’s how it works:  First, you choose a meal plan that covers 7 dinners.  The meals will feed 3-6 people, but there is also an option for 1-2 people.  What is so great about the plans  is that they can be made supermarket specific.  For example, if you regularly shop at say, Publix or Kroger, there is a plan for you!  But what if the supermarket you regularly shop is not on the list?  No problem!  eMeals has you covered with an “Every Other Store” plan.  There are also several specialty menus:  Low Carb, Organic, Gluten Free and many others.

So now you’ve chosen your plan……what next?  Not only do you get the 7 meals but also a fully prepared grocery list that includes all the ingredients you need for those meals.  If you have chosen a store specific plan, eMeals even gives you the corresponding aisle number for each item.  All that’s left now is to go home and have at it.

Now that we know how it works, let me share my eMeals experience with you.  Since my supermarket was not listed, I chose the Regular Any-Store Plan and printed out my recipes and grocery list.  I must say, the pre-prepared grocery list is a stroke of genius.  I have found that it is next to impossible to look over your fridge and pantry to accurately list the things you need while all hell is breaking loose around you.   I almost always get home and realize I forgot to add something or another and the eMeals grocery list solves that problem big time.

As for the recipes themselves, I found that they were extremely family friendly and easy to prepare.  Simplicity is the key and what I really appreciated about plan was that each dish used just a few simple ingredients without sacrificing great taste.

The verdict: is a winner!  We parents have a tough job….so much to do…so little time to do it.  I have really come to appreciate the little things is life that make it so much easier to get through my day.  Using eMeals this past week made we realize just how much the “What’s for Dinner” question consumes me…and just how much of that stress eMeals can take away!   But I can’t possibly do this great product justice just telling you about it.  See for yourself and visit their site.  Also, check them out on Facebook, TwitterPinterest  and I highly recommend the Blog as well for recipes, tips on how to simplify your life, organize your days and plan family fun.  You won’t be sorry!

Want to win a 3 month Emeals subscription?  With just a few easy steps you can.

First “like” on Facebook and follow them on Pinterest.  Then click the banner below and check out the meal plans.  After that, simply leave me a comment that you “Like” on Facebook, are following on Pinterest and what plan you’d like to try.  winner will be selected one week from today on May 1, 2012!  Good Luck!



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  1. Vita

    Awesome! You are worse than me with the “involved in a million things” plan 🙂

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