Safety Checklist When Your Child Rides His Kick Scooter

Use of kick scooter can be dangerous for your child, even under the best of the conditions. Due to lack of knowledge or small mistakes your child may lose control of the bike and fall. Falls can result in serious injuries or even death. Your children aggresively watch adults riding skateboards, roller skates, bikes and other sports. This could instigate your child to attempt such reckless stunts at home. Aggressive off-road riding, downhill riding, jumping, tricks, stunting and other extreme activities are very dangerous for your child. As a parent it is totally your responsibility to keep a check on the child.

Below is a safety checklist for parents which can help ensure better safety for one?s child while riding a kick scooter.

* Upon buying a bike for your child, it is your responsibility to read the instructions manual carefully and train your child accordingly.
* When for the first time the scooter is unfolded, it is the responsibility of an adult to unfold the scooter, assemble it and then recheck all locking devices. Failure to properly lock the scooter in the right places can lead to injuries to the rider.
* Train your child with proper rules on positions, skating, kicking and braking. It is necessary to supervise your child closely, during first few times.
* Make sure that your child wears all the protection gadgets properly.

The following are some protection gadgets that must be worn:
* Helmet
* Knee pads
* Elbow pads
* Wrist pads
* Put child’s name and contact number of the person who should be contacted in case of an emergency.
* Make sure that your child doesn?t ride on streets, around cars, on hills or in foot, skate board or vehicle traffic. Kick scooter is manufactured to be ridden on smooth surfaces or gentle slopes.
* Check whether your child satisfies the age and weight limitations for the use of kick scooter from its manual.
* Do not let your child ride the scooter at night or during low visibility conditions.
* Do not let your child ride the scooter in wet weather conditions.
* Regularly check the following:
* Brakes ? Make sure they are working well at all times.
* Grip ends ? Loose grip ends can slip off and result in serious injuries.
* Steering handle ? If not working properly, they can get the scooter out of control.
* Tires ? If the scooter has inflatable tires, check whether they are properly inflated or not. If they are non-inflatable then check if they are worn or broken.
* Make sure that only one child rides it at a time. Teach your children to ride it alone and to share with friends.
* Teach and train your child to go through the checklist by him/her-self every time before riding the scooter.

Mike has 2 children, who love playing with theirrazor scooters. To assist other parents making sure that their kids are safe, Mike has written several articles on child safety.

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  2. chillifan

    Hey Mike,
    These are all valid points but it is also important to check the safety gear fits well. All too often I’ve seen adults and children with loose fitting helmets that result in offering little more protection than going without.

    It’s great to see that there’s less stigma attached to safety gear for kids than when I was younger. It’s also good to see that manufacturers are encouraging safe practise with a good selection of safety equipment on their sites. I like that the accessories are actually designed to appeal to the kids using them. I think this is a big difference from when I was a child that safety gear was never seen as ‘cool’.

    Regarding grip/bar ends, this is often overlooked but a real cause for nasty accidents, not just that the lack of decent grips make the bars slippery to hold but also the hollow ends can act like cookie cutters on impact. Particularly nasty considering the handlebars are around waist level.

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