The Laurie Berkner Band Concert Review!

I was recently invited to see The Laurie Berkner Band’s “Animal Party” concert at The NY Society for Ethical Culture and I couldn’t pass up this opportunity being that my son is obsessed with Laurie. My son, Andrew is constantly singing Laurie’s songs on a daily basis. He sings them so much that I find myself walking down the street singing them too and wondering what I’m singing and where I got these adorable tunes from.

The concert was so fantastic! The band sang some of their top hits including Bumblebee, Victor Vito, We Are the Dinosaurs, and Pig on her Head. I was amazed at how packed the concert hall was. I’ve never seen so many excited kids in one place singing and dancing in the aisles. It was such a cute sight to see. Not only were the kids having a blast but the parents were really into it as well. It wasn’t a show where you just watch your kids having fun but more of an interactive experience for the whole family. One of the best parts was when the band blew up huge beach balls and tossed them throughout the audience. The kids and grownups both had such a blast!

After the show, we were invited backstage to meet Laurie and the rest of her bandmates, Adam, Susie and Bob. They were all so sweet and welcoming. You could tell they truly appreciate their fans. Andrew loved meeting them!

To find out more about The Laurie Berkner Band, visit If you are in the market for a gift your child or a friend will love you should check out Laurie’s DVD’s and CD’s on The Best of The Laurie Berkner Band CD is a great choice and can be found at on Amazon. 

The below video is of my son, Andrew jamming to Laurie’s DVD at home!



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