Philips Norelco Go With a Real Pro Challenge

Philps Norelco Go With a Real Pro Challenge

Philps Norelco Go With a Real Pro Challenge

NHL playoff are one of my favorite times of the year. This is the time of the year that a man gets a pass from his significant other, employer and judgmental friends when he decides to grow out a gnarly-lumberjack-backwoods-removed-from-society-beard.

My Playoff Beard

My Playoff Beard

We as fathers and fans of hockey have our NHL stars and their traditional ‘playoff beards’ to thank as when this time of year rolls around because let’s be honest guys, who really LOVES shaving?

Everyone that knows me knows that I live and breathe Philadelphia Flyers hockey. It’s unfortunate that this year they were run over by that evil team from New Jersey (blech!). I was fully, and I mean fully supporting my team with my playoff beard. Once they lost however, I think it was expected that I would cut back (literally) on the amount of facial hair I was touting around with me. That didn’t necessarily happen, but I was able to make it look really sharp thanks to Philips Norelco. Sadly though, at some point very soon my beard and I will once again have to part. It’s been a good run over the past couple of weeks.. sigh.

During the playoffs this years I had decided to ‘Go with a Real Pro’ and ditch my traditional blade in favor of some of the new and exciting products from Philips Norelco. Check out Philips Norelco’s Go With A Real Pro Challenge on Facebook! The Philips Norelco Vacuum stubble and beard trimmer Pro is one A-MAZING machine (cough… FATHER’S DAY is coming up… cough). It has really kept my, at times, GRIZZLY and ITCHY neck in shape over the past couple weeks. I’ll be checking in next Monday with a new and updated face, thanks to our friends at Philips Norelco. Stay tuned!

Ditching my Blade!

Ditching my Blade!


  1. Trey Burley

    Ditto us. The beard trimmer did a great job of trimming ours down to almost nothing. You kept yours much longer than ours, we can’t stand the itch, plus our wife would make us sleep with the dogs and cats…..

  2. Zach Rosenberg

    Philips Norelco are in a love/hate relationship with dads. They do their social media homework and have connected with dads – but on their website, there is still an overwhelming amount of mom-only parenting wording. It’s disappointing that they don’t realize that it’s got to be a total package – and I’m a little angered that we, the fatherhood community, are not holding them to it.

    Disclosure, I’d written about this before on my site, alongside Oren Miller. I also won a Philips Norelco shaver for a Stanley Cup thing that I haven’t used (or received) yet….so my comments really are about the company’s disparity in social media and website wording than anger about a product.

    Anyway, good luck with the shave, but I think we all need to hold these guys to a higher level before we celebrate too hard.

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