Craycort Cast Iron Grate Father’s Day Giveaway

Anyone that uses a charcoal grill or a gas grills knows how gunky and disgusting grates can get.  I have used Weber kettle grills for years and no matter how well I clean the grates they still get disgusting and rust.  I end up replacing them every few years.  It’s a waste.  No anymore since I use caste iron grill grates.  Craycort makes unbelievable caste iron grill grates for many different types of grills whether you have a Weber kettle, several different types of eggs, or gas grills including the Weber line.  Whatever you’re grilling on there is probably a Craycort cast iron grate for you.

These grates are modular.  Use the tool to simply lift up which grate you need to in order to add fuel or reposition your fuel.   If you want to remove a grate panel and drop down a beer butt chicken you can do that real easy.   For a Weber you place a circular grate holder in the pit and then put the individual section is.  It’s real simple and looks great!  Another way to use our modular grate system is on you next camping trip you can place the grates over your campfire with a couple of bricks or rocks to elevate the grates from the fire.  Works real good.  There are many reasons to use caste iron grates over stainless steel, porcelain or aluminum.  For starters grill grates from Craycort come preseasoned.  Just wipe them off with some mild detergent soap and water and your good to go.  Food will not stick to cast iron like it will to stainless steel, porcelain or aluminum.


The grill grate griddle panel is just greatness.  It will give you all kinds of flexibility your next grilling session.  On one side it is smooth and the other it is ribbed.  This is a great place to put veggies or keep things warm depending on how you set up your fire.  Below is some pineapple slices and some fajitas veggies….no burning, just grilled to perfection!


These grates are heavy iron.  When they get warmed up, they will retain heat unlike anything else.  This is great for long cooks or maximizing your fuel consumption.  Also, you won’t get grill marks anywhere else like you can with cast iron grill grates.



Below are some steaks with some asparagus and tomatoes.  The griddle makes the veggies so easy.  Hot, but not too hot depending on where you locate it to the fire. I have grilled asparagus plenty of times but it never can out like I wanted it until I used the griddle.   It’s just perfect.  You can’t get good grill marks anywhere else like you can with cast iron grates!  Nothing sticks….steaks make you look like a pro!

Want to put some shrimp on?!?  We love shrimp!  The smooth side of the griddle treated these shrimp just right!

Here is some jerked chicken and wings…nothing sticks, cleanup is easy!


These grates are a snap to clean.  Just brush them off and add a little oil with a rag from time to time.  These grates are made to last a lifetime. You won’t replacing these.  I cannot stress how efficient and easy using cast iron greats will add to your next grilling session.  Cleanup is a breeze too!  Craycort will be giving away a modular cast iron system for Father’s Day.  Below are the instructions for how to enter the contest.


How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. June 17th, 2012.
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Disclaimer: Craycort Caste Iron Grill Grates supplied the Craycort Caste Iron Grill Grates for this giveaway. Limited to the USA


  1. Chad

    Those grates look like they can cook a mean steak. Like the grill marks too. I’ve got a buddy that has a Craycort grate and he loves it. I’m hoping I can score me one soon. Happy grilling.

  2. Sean Bardwell

    Those grates look awesome. The first thing I would make would be fajitas. They would be perfect for that!

  3. Aura

    I liek that they wont rust and the solid plates are perfect for keeping things warm

  4. Aura

    twitter follower @aahaft

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    I follow you on facebook

  6. Margot C

    This is so brilliant, and I’ve never seen these. Why did nobody (I’m looking at you Mr. Weber) ever think of this.

    What is the best feature?

    I like that they are cast iron but I love that the grill comes in pieces that can be lifted out and properly cleaned.

    • Margot C

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  10. steisy

    would love to cook veggies on that grill; love that it won’t rust….

  11. Cheryl Christian

    Awesome grates that look heavy duty and not like the cheap ones that comes with grills. Love it that they retain the heat.

  12. Cheryl Christian

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  16. Amber G.

    I love that the he griddle makes the veggies so easy! As a homne gardener this is important! Thanks from [email protected]!

  17. Amber G.

    Liked Late Night Parents on FB as Amber Gillespie! Thanks again! Fingers crossed!

  18. Jen

    Love that you can do veggies without them falling through.

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