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Tiny Love, a company dedicated to creating innovative and amazing products, recently caught my eye at the Time to Play Magazine Expo I attended. When my son, Andrew was younger I had several of their products and loved each and every one of them. Every time a friend of mine would get pregnant and ask for my advice when registering for baby items I would always tell them about Tiny Love’s products especially their line of Gymini® Activity Mats.

Below are descriptions and reviews of some of their newly released products.


This innovative product offers baby an opportunity to interact with and gaze at his or her surroundings, as well as a versatile seat for feeding, and an environment for calm and cozy sleep — all with a very contemporary design.

The 3-in-1 Rocker Napper features three positions that are simple to switch and adapt to a baby’s needs. As a rocker, the seat can be used to entertain baby. A baby-activated toy can be attached that has dangling soft friendly pals for playtime and a music box that plays nine soothing tunes. When baby is tuckered out and falls to sleep, a one-handed operation enables the seat to fully recline for a flat and cozy sleeping environment with raised boarders. Parents can also activate calming vibrations throughout the seat. When baby is hungry, the 3-in-1 Rocker Napper can easily sit upright and made stationary for feeding. And, unlike most “bouncy seats” on the market, the 3-in-1 Rocker Napper can be used for children up to 40 pounds. (ARP: $99.99)

I was fortunate to use model John Bates, the son of dear friends Anne and Patrick Bates to test out this great product (see photos below).  This product is great in that unlike traditional bouncers and swings this product has a variety of uses incorporated into one unique design. The 3-in-1 Rocker Napper allows moms to have their baby safely secured and comfortable while mom can get things done! When baby is awake they can hang out and listen to a wide variety of tunes while also looking at a colorful mobile-like feature. If baby needs to be soothed, the rocker function can be used or locked in place if not needed and the vibrations can be activated. I love the fact that with one simple click, the product goes into a bassinet feature for baby to sleep. This is also great to use to feed baby whether they are drinking from a bottle or starting to eat solids. This is a product that can definitely grow with you and you’ll get a variety of uses at different stages. The one thing I would recommend is that Tiny Love improve the directions on how to assemble as it was a little tricky and hard at times because the illustrations were extremely small. However, product itself is well worth the little trouble of putting it together. Way to go Tiny Love!


Introduced in 2011, the Gymini Move ʻn Play activity mat is the first to adapt to a babyʼs growth, allowing for play throughout the first twelve months. This spring, the Tiny Princess Gymini Move ʻn Play joins the line with the same great features and a sweet pink design theme. Innovative sliding arches create a variety of play positions. For newborns, the Tiny Princess Gymini Move ʻn Play activity mat has the brandʼs classic features, including hanging toys, teethers and mirror, and a brightly colored, extra-large activity mat with many surprises for baby. The “crossroads” of the arches feature an electronic music and lights toy that plays seven melodies. The arches can be repositioned from the traditional “dome” set-up to accommodate tummy time or a crawling infant, and allow parents better access when playing with their child. The hanging toys slide along the arches and can also be removed (ARP: $74.99)

As I stated earlier, I’ve always loved the Gymini® playmats. They seem to dominate the market in this area. Whenever I see photos of my friend’s kids I always notice a playmat in the photo and without fail it is a Tiny Love one. Tiny Love has been making so many varieties of these mats and now their latest Move ‘n Play is the greatest! I immediately was drawn to this product at the Time to Play Mag Toy event. This mat has a lot of great features including the sliding arches which allows parents to easily move the baby in and out and allows for different play positions. The bright colors, teethers, hanging toys and music also keep baby stimulated and busy. Unlike the original playmat I had, the hanging toys can now be moved instead of in a “fixed” position allowing for better versatility. This version is also a little larger than some of the other models which is great, too! I love how it also comes in a Tiny Princess™ version for the little princess in your life.


Mobiles are a “must-have” item in any nursery and often high-up on a new momʼs registry wish list. Tiny Loveʼs new Soothe ʻn Groove Mobile will calm and entertain a child from birth through the toddler years. As a crib mobile, the Soothe ʻn Groove Mobile offers several innovations that parents will appreciate. Three brightly colored, friendly faced animals hang from the rotating mobile and the music box has the widest range of music currently available in any crib mobile. Eighteen different soothing tunes play 40 minutes of non-repetitive music from two high quality built-in speakers. In addition to traditional nursery classics by Mozart and Bach, melodies from additional music categories can be played, including classical, world music and jazz, among others. Additional features include music shuffle mode, nature and “white”sounds, a calming night light, baby activation button and varied volume control. As a baby grows, parents can detach the mobile arm and the music box can remain attached to the crib. The music box also has a carry handle for baby to use outside of the crib, and can also sit on a table top, which is convenience while traveling.

Available this spring will be the Tiny Princess™ Soothe ʻn Groove Mobile, with similar product features and a pink design. (ARP$: $54.99)

This is one of the best mobile’s I’ve seen on the market! It is so well made and is extremely versatile! I love the variety of music offered—not just a few baby tunes but over 40 music options with white noise as well. The night light is great and not too bright creating a soft illumination in the baby’s crib. It is also great for babies to activate themselves with a simple push of a button. One of the features I really love is the fact that it grows with the child. When the child gets to big to use it as a standard mobile they can detach the music box and carry it around with them. I think parents will love this option because it will help the child feel independent and have a sense of maturity.


This colorful arch fits onto most strollers and infant carriers to provide baby with fun and entertainment while on the go. The arch features three baby-activated toys to keep a child busy and happy. Newborns can explore their senses and older infants can help to learn cause-and-effect through colors, textures, sounds and movement. The flexible arch makes the product easy to pack for parents, as an added benefit. (ARP: $19.99)

This product is excellent for car seats and strollers! It attaches so easily and securely. It has so many wonderful colors, textures and sounds and allows baby to keep busy and occupied. A real lifesaver for parents! Unlike some other products that attach to strollers this one easily bends and moves without detaching or coming apart from the stroller! Kudos to Tiny Love on another excellent product!

We will be giving away a Sunny Stroll!!!

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