Bridgestone Americas and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood have officially released results of a nationwide survey highlighting not only what teens and young adults are doing behind the wheel, but why they’re doing it.

The survey revealed that while America’s young drivers are aware of what distracted driving is, they still engage in those behaviors because they believe they are not truly at risk.

Bridgestone surveyed more than 2,000 young drivers, ages 15-21, and also found:

  •  ·         One-third of those surveyed admit to reading text messages while driving;
  • ·         Two-thirds of respondents believe they are “very safe” drivers; but only half of them say their parents would agree with that assessment;
  • ·         A quarter of those surveyed do not believe that talking on the phone while driving is dangerous;
  • ·         Overall, girls engage in distractions behind the wheel far more than boys, and
  • ·         Teenagers and young adults say their parents engage in distracted driving more than themselves.

You can read complete release announcing results at and download complete survey at The survey release is also embedded below.

The press conference also announced the start of Bridgestone’s Teens Drive Smart Video Contest. To find out more visit Please let us know if you have any additional questions.