The Harlem Globetrotters franchise has been around for 86 years.   It’s all about longevity and perseverance.   Kurt Schneider (Globetrotters CEO) was the former WWE Marketing Director.  Now, they are focused on building their brand through fan interaction and social media.

Facebook: 300,000 Likes

Twitter: 15,000 Followers @globies


Schneider stated that the global approach will allow them to grow their brand and remain relevant with embracing social media.  The Harlem Globetrotters have opened a new satellite office in China.

  • The Globetrotters have been touring overseas since 1951.
  • 120 countries / 6 continents

Fun Facts

  • Played first game in Harlem in 1968.
  • Only sports team with star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame
  • Official colors – Red, White and Blue
  • Theme Song: Sweet Georgia Brown
  • They are playing in 220 markets in the United States.

The Globetrotters have had several specials that appeared on television. They are currently looking for their own show.

  • Amazing Race
  • ESPN
  • My Network TV

Would you be interested in watching a weekly television show or attending a game?  The average ticket price is $27.  To succeed in this social media era – it’s about sports entertainment – characters / personalities are as important as the actual game.

The Globetrotters have crossed racial, political and social barriers.  To enhance its social media presence the Globetrotters (H.O.R.S.E) are engaging their fans to submit YouTube videos of trick shots.  The Globetrotters will replicate shots in the video and prizes are awarded to winning shots.

Look for the Globetrotters coming to an arena near you.