As Jeremy Lin and his so-called “LIN-Sanity” relocate from Gotham City to Houston, Texas —-the world impatiently waits to hear from the New York Knicks brain-trust aka front office (basketball minds).  Can we let the BLAME GAME begin?  What happened behind the scenes? Who’s at fault?  I personally don’t want to hear anything about a “poison pill” or how LIN was successful in running up the price.  It’s reminiscent of last year’s lockout – Millionaires versus Billionaires.  In the next 48HRS, we’ll hear from the bobble-heads (insert your favorite sports network) and “insiders” about the rift that caused LIN to go with the highest bidder for his professional services.  You can expect perennial all-star and resident ball hog Carmelo Anthony (not that he’s innocent) and billionaire owner James Dolan to receive most of the criticism for the deal not happening.  I mentioned to a friend that I would purchase a Jeremy Lin NY Knicks jersey for $1.99 in about a week.

If you’re looking for that angle – then you’ve missed the point.  It’s not about “who’s to blame” but let’s briefly highlight Jeremy Lin’s the last nine months – NBA Development-League ->brief stint with the Houston Rockets ->released by the Rockets ->picked up by the NY Knicks on a 10 DAY Contract-> sleeping on Landry Fields couch -> LIN-SANITY -> signed and secured for the remainder of the season $700K -> a magnificent 25 game RUN – > Social , Print & Online Media darling -> All-Star Skills competition competitor -> Game Winning shots ->The Miami Heat expose Lin -> Injury and surgery-> not available to participate in playoffs -> 85% ready ->free agency -> testing the market -> Knicks management promise to re-sign Lin for anything up to a billion dollars -> LIN to Rockets -> 3yr for 25.1MIL ->The aftermath.

Last time I checked —- fans will remain fans. (Yes, I’m one of them) and the shelf life on athletes are becoming shorter by the minute.  As you know, you need to seize the moment!  A professional basketball player’s career will won’t last ten years.  If you’re gainfully employed middle class worker – then your career could exist for up to four decades.   Would you think twice about leaving your current employer for an unbelievable PAY DAY? (No state tax in Texas) – Wouldn’t you explore an opportunity where you would be catered to and become the focal piece of your organization?  (Great support network in Houston and continuing where Yao Ming left off.)  It’s OK, you don’t have to peel the Jeremy Lin Fat Head off your wall! (discounted for $16.96 and going fast)

IN THE ZONE TAKEAWAY:  Instead of hating on Jeremy Lin, James Dolan, New York Knicks – we should applaud that we witnessed the American Dream —- rags to riches — someone taking advantage of the situation and making the moves to make a difference.  GROW up and move on!  Why – because Jeremy LIN already did!  When the NBA’s 2012-13 schedule is announced, I’ll definitely have the Houston Rockets visiting the New York Knicks scheduled to be recorded.  Hopefully, it will be on a Thursday night so that we hear commentary from the NBA / TNT crew.  Lastly, folks should take a deep dive into Creative Artists Agency and we can dream of re-signing Lin when he becomes a free agent in three short years.