If you’ve read any of my other posts—you’ll know I’m not anti-ESPN, but simply open to any media outlet that isn’t force-fed down our throats.  (IE: ESPN) Thankfully, NBC Universal’s various sub-division of networks are providing 5500 hours of Olympics coverage over the next two weeks.  Yes, all your favorite personalities and various contributors will be involved to broadcast these games and events.  (Daytime Co-anchors –  Dan Patrick and Al Michaels)

There’s been a major shift since the 2008 Olympic games – it’s due to the enhancement of social media.  The news cycle / always on / reporting all aspects – has been on some type of human growth hormones.  The day and age of tape delays no longer exist and will be on display over the next two weeks – but it all commences tonight with the opening ceremony.

Various sponsors are using social media to get their brands into the mix.  Nike will be attempting to do sponsored tweets during USA BASKETBALL games.  NBC will be teaming with Facebook to show which events are most popular. (Talk Meter) NBC will also base additional programming on its daily media buzz.  It’s a WIN-WIN as social media branding (broader audience) creates a buzz for advertising.

Every event will be streamed live on http://nbcolympics.com and the site will offer extensive web exclusives.  All 32 sports and 302 events will be available live through various mobile applications on Apple and Android devices.  (Not sure what happens with beloved Blackberry and Windows users)

App: NBC Olympics Live Extra:  customize app to cover favorite athletes and events CLICK HERE

APPS: NBC Olympics Application:  In depth info on athletes and events.  Allows users to share their favorite moments via Facebook and Twitter CLICK HERE

Social Media (Then YR2008 and Now YR2012) and the Olympics

  • 2008 Twitter processed 27 tweets per second / 2012 Twitter processes 27000 tweets per second
  • 2008 Facebook 100MIL users / 2012 Facebook 900MIL users
  • 2008 NBC provided 3600 hours of coverage / 2012 NBC will provide 5535 hours of coverage (planned)

Olympic sized worldwide viewership

  • 2008 – 4.78 BIL
  • 2004 – 3.98 BIL
  • 2000 – 3.68 BIL


  • 2200 hours will be streamed live in HD.  Feeds will be available in 64 territories in Asia and Africa.

The social media aspect will defiinitely enhance the online experience – but it begs a question to be asked – Could all this access diminish viewership?  The answer is NO – it’s just the opposite – your favorite network – (ESPN) stated it did not erode viewership – but attract viewers to other events.  Enjoy tonight’s opening ceremony and LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

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