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NextStepIP System

An iPhone as a baby monitor?

In terms of functionality, child monitors can range anywhere from the simple ‘audio only’ to the more sophisticated offerings that can include audio, video and motion detection. Suffice it to say there are quite a few child monitors on the market and many of them are fairly impressive. What I found to be even more impressive was something offered by a company called NextStep BabyMonitors. NextStep BabyMonitors takes it to the next level. Thanks to our friends at NextStepBabyMonitors I’ve recently been introduced to an very impressive IP-Based monitoring system called NextStepIP.

What is the NextStepIP System? This is a system that allows you to connect a child monitor to your home Internet connection. Once this monitor is connected to your home Internet, you can watch, listen and interact with the video camera! It’s really pretty amazing!

This means that you’re not tied to a single audio or video receiver. You can connect and interact with your NextStepIP System from any computer, smartphone (iPhone) or tablet device (iPad) connected to your home network. You can even take it a step further and setup this system so that you can control your NextStepIP System from ANYWHERE that you can connect to the Internet (not just your home network). How cool is that?

If you’re not a ‘techie’ don’t be thrown by the term ‘IP-Based’. Here’s a quick rundown of what IP-Based means to you. All devices that connect to the internet will have an IP address. An IP Address is simply a number that acts as a means for devices using the Internet to identify and ‘talk’ with one another. To some, setting up an IP-Based monitor sounds a bit daunting. The truth of the matter is that there are a number of steps you will likely need to go through in order to setup your IP-Based monitor. The good news is that NextStep BabyMonitors provides you with not only an easy to use step-by-step guide to setting up your monitor, but they will also provide limited 30 day phone support with the purchase of this system. Win!

Here’s what I really like about this home baby monitoring system:

  • I can access this monitor from any computer that’s connected to the Internet (Mac / PC / Smartphone).
  • Not only can I access this monitor, but I can pan / tilt from my computer / smartphone.
  • It’s Wireless! Once I’ve completed the initial setup, I can move this camera to any location in my house that can receive my home wi-fi connection.

Here’s what I really LOVE about this home baby monitoring system:

  • Motion Detection – If you’re worried about your child moving around or getting out of bed at night you can setup this system to detect motion and record screen shots of the movement. This has applications for being a fairly sophisticated nannycam!
  • Record video to my smartphone – While I’m watching over my wi-fi or 3/4G connection, I can actually record that appears on my smartphone… to my phone!
  • InFraRed / Night Vision – Baby’s room is dark at night? No problem! With night vision built right in you have ability to see in a pitch black room!


Oh and by the way, we’ve partnered with NextStep BabyMonitors to GIVEAWAY A NEXTSTEPIP BABY MONITORING SYSTEM (see below)!!!


NextStepIP - I'm loving it!

NextStepIP – Snapshot of my little guy’s room!

It’s super simple to enter and the more times you enter the better your chances are for being selected for the giveaway.

GIVEAWAY ITEM:  NextStepIP Monitoring System (Black or White)

How to win… ends 11:59pm EDT. September 3rd, 2012.

Leave a comment below with why you think NextStep Baby products are awesome. Please include some method for us to contact you in the comment (twitter or email).

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We will pick a winner at random September 4, 2012 at 5PM EDT. You will have 24 hours to reply before we pick another winner!


  1. Sharon Price

    I would love to try this, because i have a newborn “Rainbow” baby, After the loss of my son in 2010, I’m a over protective Mommy and this would help to ease a worry wort Mommy’s mind!! Thank you for this opportunity!!
    My contact information-
    [email protected]
    Twitter Account @AMommysTaleBlog

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    I [email protected] on Twitter
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  2. Kim C

    They are awesome because their products give me a sense of security while i am at home & the kids are sleeping or we are away & i just want to check up on the house.
    xxkimhcxx at gmail dot com

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  9. Meagan

    My husband and I are both techies – we love new gadgets and technology. This product fits our lifestyle perfectly, especially with a little one on the way in December. We always have our cell phones with us, and since we both work full-time, this will enable us to stay involved with our baby at home when one of us is at work.

    Twitter account: @porcelainchaos
    I follow @NextStepBaby and @LateNightParent on Twitter

  10. Kim C

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  11. Jennifer Marie

    I love these products b/c I think the Motion Detection is awesome!

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    • Thomas

      Congrats! You’ve won! You have 24 hours to respond! DM me at @readysetdad for details.

  19. Rick Kralevich

    Looks cool – going to follow @NextStepBaby for more info on these sorts of things.

    • Rick Kralevich

      Following @LateNightParent too

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  21. Laura Jacobson

    Oh the motion detector would be amazing right now as Carter started trying to climb out of his crib, and to keep him safe, we had to convert to a toddler bed earlier than we had wanted to. We always worry about him climbing out of bed, since now he is able to, and would love to be able to keep an eye on him as he is falling asleep…or supposed to be, without peeking around the corner all the time and having him see us and want to get up. What an amazing product!

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    Sounds also like a great way to keep an eye on twins who may be conspiring not to nap!

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