I recently brought my son to the latest performance at my favorite Children’s Theater in Central Park. If you have not been to the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre be sure to check it out!  Performances change every few months and we try to see them all!  Aside from being a historic landmark inside Central Park, it is such a charming little place you will be sure to go back!

Hansel and Gretel’s Halloween Adventure did not disappoint!  It was not the typical story of Hansel and Gretel, but at least we all know the characters!  The brother and sister duo experience some wild dreams in front of our eyes! We meet mermaids, pirates, and vampires,  and there is even a surprise appearance from a very popular pop star legend!   Of course the story is not complete without a witch…. but this just adds to the Halloween fun!

I loved how there are so many mentions of Central Park and little tidbits about certain locations, etc.  It really is fun even as an adult to watch the face of the kids experience such a fun performance.  I won’t give too much away, but let’s just say be sure to stay for the ending!! Your kids will be dancing in the aisles!

The Marionette theater has several performances during the week as well as the weekend.  Be sure to go check out this great Halloween adventure before the performances switch over to Peter Pan (which I’m sure will be fabulous too!)