Are you looking to sneak some educational toys under the tree this year? See how products from Candied Yam Publishing can sneak to the top of Santa’s sack for your children’s Christmas.


If your bookworm asked Santa for a great book consider one from the T-Bot and Peabody Explore Series.  Each book in the series follows two robot brothers on an adventure.  The series is geared for kids in 1st through 3rd grades.  With T-Bot and Peabody, you’re never sure what kind of silliness will find them, but one thing you can count on is that you will learn along the way.  Karen Fluck, one of the authors of the growing series is an elementary teacher.  She used her experience as a teacher to ensure that these books would be able to tap into the imagination of children and quench their thirst for information.

T-Bot And Peabody Explore The Zoo

Price: $11.75

ISBN: 1463696124

About: Join T-Bot and Peabody on a learning adventure through the zoo. Together you will learn about the animals in the zoo, from the funny monkeys to the amazing elephants. This fact filled adventure is one you don’t want to miss!


T-Bot and Peabody Explore the Ocean






Price: $11.75

ISBN: 1470135426

About: Journey with T-Bot and Peabody as they explore the ocean. Between the beach and the deepest trenches they meet all types of creatures and learn facts about the ocean. They are amazed by the beautiful coral reefs, captivated by the big fish, and in awe of the creatures that glow. This adventure is 20,000 leagues of fun!  *Don’t worry Mom and Dad, if your reader wants to know what some of the amazing sea creatures shown in the book but not discussed, there is a glossary in the back with pictures so you will be able to identify every creature and answer all of your bookworm’s questions.


T-Bot and Peabody Explore Christmas Around the World






Price: $12.75

ISBN: 0988734907

About: Journey all around the world with T-Bot and Peabody on their Christmas adventure! Find out the history of Christmas trees, find out why T-Bot and Peabody put their letters to Santa in the fireplace, and find out who Befana is and why she gives out presents too. This globe trotting adventure is Christmas fun for everyone!



If your youngster is on the nice list and is a little more into games than books, try T-Bot and Peabody Explore: Animal Attack!  This trading card game pits you against your opponent in a duel styled game where each player tries to tip the balance in their favor by tapping into their deck to create the optimal environment for their animals.  For example if a player was attempting an attack using a snow leopard, they would get extra attack points if they combined the snow leopard card with a mountain card as snow leopards prefer to attack from above!

Your gamer would learn about an ever expanding collection of animals, habitats, and environmental conditions in this game of strategy!


T-Bot and Peabody Explore: Animal Attack!


Price: $15.99 (for the 45 Card starter deck)

Hopefully this has helped you find some educational and fun books and games that your little one would love to find under the Christmas tree!