Can Bill Parcells fix the New York Jets?

Can Bill Parcells fix the New York Jets?  Is it even possible? Do you even care?  It surely sounds like the “Tuna” is auditioning for a “specific” role with the organization. (similar to his Miami VP of Operations role) Over the past ten days, the 24/7 news cycle has followed the circus called the New York Jets.  We’ve repeatedly heard stories about Mike Tannenbaum / Rex Ryan / Tony Sparano / Tim Tebow / Marc Sanchez and owner Woody Johnson!  I don’t want to hear about anyone holding the position as a capologist. Do you really mean “capo”?  Personally, I’m sick of hearing about it.  Anyway you look at it – Bill Parcells isn’t the long term solution as the fixer / consultant / the cleaner to help purge but this organization of the stench.  Parcells can help facilitate fixing this dysfunctional front office and upgrade key position areas.

If Parcells decides to take this assignment, then expect the Tuna to fast track it  in 18-24 month time frame to right the ship. We’re well aware that Parcells loves the bright lights and it only seems like only yesterday when Parcells was toying with the idea of becoming the interim head coach (in Sean Payton’s absence) for the New Orleans Saints.  At the 11th hour – Parcells pulls himself out of consideration.  We know Parcells gets easily bored, (horse racing in Saratoga, NY / ESPN commentator) and when he’s had enough of fixing this (Jets) problem — a loophole in his agreement and a messy breakup is guaranteed tho be forthcoming.

This week, I’ve heard Bill Parcells on 98.7 ESPN-NY engaged in extensive interviews about what the Jets need to be turned around.  It sounds like the “fixer” is juiced up and ready for the assignment.  My NY Jets are in dire need of a “reboot” and lookng for the “Tuna” to ensure we’re no longer laughing stocks of this league. Bill, can you find out why former GM Terry Bradway is still on the payroll?

Here is additional Parcells banter from Mike Florio’s Pro Football Talk show.   Enjoy!!!

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  1. Ted

    Unfortunately, Woody & Co. are going with a private firm ($200K per coach search) and didn’t take my recommendation on obtaining Parcells’ services as a consultant.


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